Strengthen your students’ preparation for science careers

Are you offering the courses your students need for the many positions available to them in the health sciences? Are you providing them with the equipment they need for lab work and research as well as internships and other learning opportunities?

Colleges and professional schools need to educate and train more students to enter the health science professions—but sometimes limited resources create a challenge to preparing students for careers in this field. The Health Science Learning Exchange (HSLE) supports educators in advancing their own knowledge about health science fields and current science standards, taking advantage of their own ongoing professional development opportunities, and providing a solid health science curriculum for their students.

Postsecondary education professionals—The HSLE helps your students find employers looking for interns and trainees, and lets your graduates connect with employers looking for job candidates to fill critical positions in health care, research, mental health, and home health care.
Secondary school educator—The HSLE brings you resources such as standards-aligned, high-quality curricula and materials.
Both groups of educators—The HSLE helps you:
  • Upgrade curricular offerings to give students the preparation they need
  • Provide opportunities for students to learn about all the science opportunities available to them
  • Ensure students have the lab, research, or work experience that colleges and employers demand
  • Connect students with rewarding internships and research assistantships