Graduate Student Seminar Series (Fall 2021 – Spring 2022)

All seminars take place Mondays at 12:00PM. Attendance is required for BMG graduate students. Please sign in prior to the seminar. Question can be directed to course instructor, Bettina Moser, 3-5084, [email protected], Room2206.

Non-students are also welcome to attend this seminar series.

Date Location Title Speaker Lab
09/13/2021 Herman Auditorium, MBRB Metabolic reprogramming of cells during the transition from proliferative to quiescent state. Soeun Kang
09/20/2021 Herman Auditorium, MBRB Making the Cut: Modulation of Genome Engineering via Cas9/gRNA Regulation. Hannah Pennington
10/04/2022 Herman Auditorium, MBRB TGFβ Signaling in the Pancreatic Tumor Microenvironment. Daniel Principe
10/18/2021 Herman Auditorium, MBRB The role of the intracellular tyrosine kinase PTK6 in innate immunity. Katarina Vlajic
11/01/2021 Herman Auditorium, MBRB Senescent cells promote liver regeneration through IL-6 and ligands of CXCR2. Naiyuan Cheng
11/08/2021 Herman Auditorium, MBRB The role of PTK6 in castration resistant prostate cancer signaling. Alwanian Wanian
11/22/2021 Herman Auditorium, MBRB The role of hexokinase2 in the regulation of histone lactylation. Hyunsoo Rho
02/14/2022 Herman Auditorium, MBRB Novel Therapies Targeting Oncogenic KRAS Signaling in Pancreatic Cancer. Daniel Principe
02/21/2022 Herman Auditorium, MBRB Aberrant ATX/LPA Signaling in the Pathogenesis of Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia. Alison Ha
02/28/2022 Herman Auditorium, MBRB Characterization of structural elements controlling Cas9-mediated DNA cleavage and single-turnover enzyme kinetics. Kaitlyn Kiernan
03/07/2022 Herman Auditorium, MBRB Elucidation of MLK3 Signaling Pathways in Hepatocellular Carcinoma. Rong Ke
03/14/2022 Herman Auditorium, MBRB Cortexillin-1 as a method to study GPCR oligomerization. Patrick Grudzien
04/04/2022 Herman Auditorium, MBRB Functional Characterization of Ubiquitin E3 Ligase Subunit F-box Protein O10 (FBXO10). Ritika Adhikari
04/11/2022 Herman Auditorium, MBRB Maintenance of Terminal Differentiation by Retinoblastoma and Hippo Tumor Suppressors. Alexandra Rader
04/18/2022 Herman Auditorium, MBRB Elucidating the Role of Tcf7l1 in Pluripotency Progression. Jieun Kwon
04/25/2022 Herman Auditorium, MBRB Genetic Determinants of Resistance to AKT Inhibition in Cancer. Ahmed Abd El Razek