About GPPA Medical Scholars Program

Director’s  Message

Donald A. Chambers, PhD

Welcome to the University of Illinois College of Medicine GPPA Medical Scholars Program!

At the University of Illinois College of Medicine, the GPPA Medical Scholars Program recognizes students as valued members of our learning community, who are contributors to our collective culture of collaboration, support, and excellence. Our students are deeply curious, interested in scholarship and innovation, and are a group that are committed to professionalism and the health and social needs of our community and society.

While we offer our students support and resources, they are responsible for their own education. Students become leaders and learn to view their successes through the dimensions of the work they accomplish.

We are the GPPA Medical Scholars Program learning community that extends beyond the classroom, laboratory, or university.  The overwhelming majority (>98%) of our students have access to and will become members of a vast network of alumni who are dedicated physicians, medical faculty members and residents across the country with different experiences and specialties, but commonality of dedication and excellence.

I hope you will explore this website of the GPPA Medical Scholars Program. You will learn about our requirements and courses, our students, and the mechanisms for application.  Determine if the GPPA Medical Scholars Program suits your needs and requirements.  As students in the GPPA Medical Scholars Program, you will become part of a major research university, characterized by scholarship, teaching and significant research, aimed at solving the multiple problems of health and society. We hope you will find this website informational and inspirational.


Dr. Donald A. Chambers
Professor of Physiology and Biophysics
Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics
Professor of Medical Education
Director of the GPPA Medical Scholars Program
University of Illinois College of Medicine