Do I need to come to campus?

If you select the MHPE Online Option you will be able to register and participate in all required courses online. However, as an Online student, you are required to participate in the annual MHPE Conference each July following each of your core courses. The annual conference is held on the UIC campus and lasts 5 [...]

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What happens at the annual conference?

In July of each year after you complete each of your core courses, you are required to attend the annual five-day conference held on campus . This event provides an opportunity for face-to-face contact with faculty and fellow students. You will share research, experiences and ideas in poster sessions, symposia, and informal receptions. Details about [...]

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How do I register for courses?

Once your application for admission has been approved, you will receive detailed information on the registration procedure. If you have further questions, contact Janet Settle, Coordinator of Educational Programs, at 312-996-4666 or [email protected]

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How do I participate in classes?

As an Online student, you connect to the Internet using your computer and a Web browser. At your course address, you’ll find all the information you need to participate in a lively and interactive learning experience. Your "virtual classroom" will include an online syllabus, complete instructions, course requirements and objectives, bibliographies, lectures, readings, an online [...]

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What hardware do I need?

We have kept hardware requirements for accessing materials to a minimum. We recommend a 14.4 Kbs or faster modem, and at least 16 Mb of memory. Some courses may require a sound card and speakers for streaming audio. For PC operating systems we recommend Windows 95 or higher. For the Macintosh we recommend System 7.0 [...]

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