Background: It can be difficult for head and neck cancer patients and their families to fully understand the impact that cancer procedures and treatments can have on a cancer patient’s life. Procedures used to treat head and neck cancer may result in significant changes to the patients’ physical appearance and/or functional abilities (talking, eating, and breathing). Lack of understanding as it relates to the effects of cancer treatments can have a significant impact on the patient’s post-operative success.

In an effort to help educate head and neck cancer patients and their families during this difficult time, the UIC department of Otolaryngology-HNS has created an informational website. The website educates cancer patients and their families regarding various cancer treatments and therapies.

Objectives: of this research are to evaluate 1) the change in subject knowledge before and after using the study head and neck cancer website, and 2) to determine whether a head and neck website is beneficial to study subjects in providing information that will result in improved compliance and ultimately long-term outcomes.