Student Wellness and Resilience Committee (SWRC)

S. Akila Ally, Class of 2023 – [email protected]
Anisha Nagpal, MSTP[email protected]

Class of 2022
Anne Nielsen, Class of 2022 – [email protected]
Rong Hu  – [email protected]
McKenzie Schwarze – [email protected]
Cory Reiter, MSTP – [email protected] 

Class of 2023
Nirali Chauhan – [email protected]
Ryan Yang – [email protected] 

Class of 2024

Update pending in September 2021

Emily Torre – [email protected]
Ange Uwimana – [email protected]

Class of 2025

Semmy Adeleke – [email protected]
Rosa Velazquez – [email protected]
Sabrina Iddir – [email protected]