We are excited to announce a new online resource for medical students. The Medical Student Well-being Webpage is an open-access page for M1-M4 students addressing well-being and resilience in medical school. The page features short, blog-style articles designed to inspire students, to share resources for maintaining well-being, and to highlight programs and practices that students, service providers, and medical schools have found to be effective in promoting and fostering student wellness.

Other Counseling Center Mind/Body programs and workshops of interest that take place at the Counseling Center (Student Services Building-SSB, 1200 W. Harrison, Suite 2010) include the following (to obtain more information and to register visit http://counseling.uic.edu/mind_body_programs.shtml ):

·  Love Talk, Cupid Yoga Workshop

·  Koru Mindfulness

·  Self-Compassion Workshop

·  Mood Masters (DBT) Group

·  Biofeedback Services

·  Gold Foundation 2018 Summer Reading for Compassionate Clinicians