Immunization & Health Certifications


Important note:

Immunizations that are missing or expired must be submitted in a timely manner to the Office of Student Affairs/Registrar so that your record is current and up-to-date.  This is a requirement for you to participate is College required academic activity.

Students in clinical activity must submit their missing or expired immunizations 4-6 weeks prior to the date of expiration so that any required Hospital documentation can be submitted 4-6 weeks prior to the start date of your clinical activity.

UIC Student Health Certification Checklist

(Physician Shadowing, ECM, LPC, Clerkships, Electives, Specialties, All Sub-I’s)


Compliance and Immunization Guide
This page contains a guide to immunizations and links to Affiliate Hospital forms.

TB Surveillance Questionnaire

Completion of this form is required of students who have either “a positive QuantiFERON TB gold blood test, a positive PPD, or an allergy to a component of the PPD solution used for skin testing.”