Immunization & Health Certifications

UIC Student Health Certification Checklist

Important note:

Immunizations that are missing or expired must be uploaded to CastleBranch in a timely manner so that your record is current and up to date. This is a requirement for you to participate in college required academic activity.

Students in clinical activity must upload all immunizations in CastleBranch 4-6 weeks prior to any rotation start so that all required Affiliate Hospital documentation can be submitted within that time frame prior to the start date of clinical activity.

All students who are rotating at the following sites will have their immunizations updated and loaded by the COM Office of Registration and Records.

  • Stroger: New Innovations
  • All Advocate Sites: Advocate Data Base

This is a requirement for you to participate in COM required academic activity.

(Physician Shadowing, DoCS, LPC, Clerkships, Electives, Specialties, All Sub-I’s)

Forms Required by Our Affiliate Hospital Sites

This page contains all Affiliate Hospital Sites and a link to an outline of health requirements

Updated: 01/31/23