Student Study Room Reservation Procedures

Reservation requests for student study may be made ONE DAY IN ADVANCE between 12:30pm and  2:30pm on regular business days by emailing the Office of Curricular Affairs listserv at Reservation requests will be answered in the order in which they are received based on time stamp, and must contain all of the information listed below. Requests for Saturday, Sunday and Monday study rooms may be requested Friday afternoon between 12:30pm and 2:30pm. In times of high demand, OCA reserves the right to add additional students to rooms where only one student is studying. Students are encouraged to study in groups in order to maximize study space.

Email requests must include the following information:

1. STUDENT STUDY must be typed in the subject line
2. Student First & Last Name (Add names of other students studying with you.)
3. Cell Phone Number
4. Requested Date (or dates if requesting for the weekend & Monday)
5. Requested Beginning and End Time

Email requests with incomplete information will be returned to the sender. Students are invited to email again with the appropriate information, however this will be considered a first time request with a new time stamp that will be answered after other requests that were received in advance are handled.

Confirmation of room reservations will be sent via room notification confirmation by 5:00pm on the same day the request was made. Due to the high volume of requests, only students who receive confirmations should assume that their reservation request has been granted. Students who do NOT receive a confirmation by 5:00pm should know that the rooms were all taken by the time their request was received, so alternate study arrangements will need to be made. Click here for additional student study options.

There will also be a very limited number of rooms available for same day reservations beginning at 7:30am. Same day reservations can be made by emailing or in person in the OCA office, room 115 CMWT between the hours of 7:30 am and 4:00 pm.

Students who reserve a room are expected to occupy the room during the allotted hours. If plans change, please notify the Office of Curricular Affairs by emailing or call 312-996-9030 as soon as possible. Use of the Learning Center rooms requires an understanding that users will return the room to an orderly condition. Tables must not be moved from their original position, and chairs should not leave the room. Tables and white boards should be wiped clean and all trash should be disposed of in the receptacles located outside of the room. Users should notify the Office of Curricular Affairs of rooms that are found in a disorderly state.

Note: Changing the configuration of a room requires prior approval from the IT Department and the Office of Curricular Affairs.

Study rooms are intended for use by College of Medicine students only. Campus Police will be contacted to report the presence of non-medical students occupying these rooms. Disciplinary action will be taken, with the possibility of arrest. College of Medicine students should report unauthorized use of rooms, or suspicious behavior of any kind to Campus Police at 312-996-2830.