Room Reservations for Exams

  1. Students are allowed to reserve rooms up to two weeks in advance for an exam.Email the Office of Curricular Affairs listserv at and include the following information:
    1. Name of Exam (i.e. Block Exam; Clerkship Exam; NBME Exam, etc.) must be typed in the subject line
    2. First & Last Name
    3. Cell Phone Number
    4. Requested Date
    5. Beginning and End Time (Please add ½ hour for set up time)

    Email requests with incomplete information will be returned to the sender.

    If you wish to reserve a room for a practice exam please use the automated Room Reservation Procedures.  If the request is for a USMLE Step 1 or Step 2 CK Self-Assessment, please include “Step Exam Self-Assessment Reservation” in the subject line of the automated reservation request.

    There will be a very limited number of rooms available for same day reservations beginning at 8:00am in the Office of Curricular Affairs. Same day reservations can be made by emailing or in person in the OCA office, room 115 CMWT. If plans change and you decide to take your exam at home, please notify the Office of Curricular Affairs by emailing or call 312-996-9030 as soon as possible so we can cancel your reservation.

    The exam will be remotely proctored regardless of your physical location and there will be no on-site support. Each room will be provided a sign “Do Not Enter – Testing in Progress” with room; date; start/end time to prevent any interruptions during the exam. Please remove this sign after you finish your exam. Whiteboards must be clean before the start of your exam.

    Use of the Learning Center rooms requires an understanding that users will return the room to an orderly condition. Tables must not be moved from their original position, and chairs should not leave the room. Tables and white boards should be wiped clean and all trash should be properly disposed of in the receptacles located outside of the room. Users should notify the Office of Curricular Affairs about rooms that are found in a disorderly state.