Additional Student Study Options

The UIC Library of Health Sciences has open study rooms for drop-in study, and group study space that can be reserved on-line in advance for a maximum of two hours.

Additional study options that do not require reservations include the 2nd floor Quiet Study Room (220 CMWT), the 3rd floor Private Study rooms (310A-K CMWT), Edelstone Lounge, and the 4th floor Student Lounge/Kitchenette (420 CMWT). However, there will be occasions when the Quiet Study Room (220 CMWT) will be utilized for COM classes or special events.

The 3rd floor Private Study rooms are available on a first come, first served basis. We ask that students be courteous to others by not leaving their belongings as a way of holding a room when they leave for an extended period of time.