Room Reservation Procedures
(Instructions for Automated System)

In order to provide students with expedient access to view study space availability and submit requests independently, all UI COM classroom study space reservations in Chicago are now automated using the Astra reservation system. Below you will find instructions to request room reservations and exceptions to this process.  All faculty, staff, and students must adhere to the UI COM Food and Drink Policy when using COM rooms.

The following requests are exceptions to the automated process described below.  These exceptions can be submitted several weeks in advance and must be reserved through the Office of Curricular Affairs listserv at using the processes found at the links below.


Key Points to Consider in Advance:

  • Refer to the COM Student Study Scheduling Grid before reserving a room. You will need to indicate the room # in the reservation request. Scheduling grids will also be displayed on the display screens in the 1st floor lobby.
  • Rooms not included on the automated reservation system: 221 CMWT, 224 CMWT, 226 CMWT, 316 CMWT
  • Reservation requests will be answered in the order they are received based on time stamp.
  • Student study room reservations may be submitted no more than 24 hours in advance.
  • Weekend reservations (Sat., Sun., and holidays) should be submitted before 3:00 PM on the preceding Friday. Weekend reservations should be indicated as such in the comments box.
  • Maximum reservation time is 5 hours.  If a student would like to use it for longer than 5 hours, they may look in the Astra reservation system to see if the room is reserved after their initial reservation ends.  They may then submit a second request.
  • Students must show up for the reservations they make, or must cancel before the start time.  All reservations must be finalized by swiping your iCards to confirm the reservation. Failure to do so will result in the loss of room reservation privileges.
  • Furniture must not be moved. White boards must be wiped down and any garbage must be removed using trash/recycling receptacles in the hall before the leavingFailure to comply with any of these responsibilities will result in loss of room reservation privileges.
  • Any current social distancing measures must be maintained including wearing masks if more than one person is in the room.
  • Please note that the COM reserves the right to terminate the reservation if the room is needed for curricular/testing purposes.

Here’s how to submit your request:

1) Refer to the COM Student Study Scheduling Grid before reserving a room. You will need to indicate the room # in the reservation request. Scheduling grids will also be displayed on the display screens in the 1st floor lobby.

2) (Go to the Astra portal:

Note:  You do not need to login to Astra in order to make a reservation.  The login is only for staff.

3) Click “Events” (at top) > Select “Request Event”

4) Use the drop down and select “COM Chicago Student Study Form”  > Click “Next”

5) Complete and submit the form (Only “STUDENT STUDY” should be included for the title of the event.)

Note: Use UIC Email address and for “Event Type” select “COM Student”

6) Click  “Add Meeting”,  select “Single”, and complete form (“Required Room” is pre-selected)

7) Click “Request Rooms” to check availability and select room

8) Click “Submit” and you will be notified that your request has been received but the reservation is not final until you receive notification that your “Requested event has been approved

Please note: If the requests is last minute, once submitted you can proceed to the room however, the submittal is not final until confirmed. If there happens to be a recent conflict you will be reassigned per availability.

Also, if you need to cancel your reservation, or you don’t need your reservation for the entire reserved time, please contact

We encourage students to share any feedback about this new system via

Additional Policies:
Please consult the
Student Room Use Agreement and room capacity and AV capability on the Conference & Study Rooms page prior to making a reservation.  All room reservations are subject to change by the Office of Curricular Affairs. Click here for College of Medicine Priorities of Room Use.

Study rooms are intended for use by College of Medicine students only. Campus Police will be contacted to report the presence of non-medical students occupying these rooms. Disciplinary action will be taken, with the possibility of arrest. College of Medicine students should report unauthorized use of rooms, or suspicious behavior of any kind to Campus Police at 312-996-2830.