A/V Information for Lecture Halls

The following information applies to College of Medicine faculty in the large lecture halls in the College of Medicine West (106, 227 and 429/527CMWT).  Student support is limited to OSA Sponsored events in the lecture halls and must be pre-arranged by submitting a ticket.

If you need training ahead of time to use the room AV equipment, please create a technology training request and we will arrange a time to work with you before the day of your event. The AV system is relatively easy to use, and probably has everything you need for your event. You may wish to do a test run in the room if you have never used it before.

The AV system is controlled from a touch pad on the podium, and the cable that connects your laptop to the system is attached to the podium. There are permanently installed Windows and Macintosh computers already in the room which you can use. These can easily play DVDs as well, and there is an “overhead” digital camera – Elmo.  There also are two wireless microphones (you can only use one of these at a time as they use the same frequency) and a microphone that is attached to the podium.

You can use your own laptop if you prefer. If your laptop does not have a standard HDMI or VGA output connection you will need an adapter (also called a Dongle). While we have some adapters in the podium drawer, there are many many varieties out there so we can not possibly supply every one that exists, and ours often go missing. Plan ahead.

If you are being recorded as part of your course, be aware that you must use the microphone, that student responses are not loud enough to be captured by the microphones, and that the laser pointer is not recorded. Students prefer that you use the mouse pointer for emphasis. The wireless slide advancers have a mouse pointer/ joystick sticking out of them you can use for this purpose if you need to walk away from the podium.

Please note that if you reserve the room at 11:30 am for example, you cannot expect the room to be available before 11:30 am, and will need to vacate the room promptly at the end of your reserved time so the next group may begin.

We also ask when you leave that you please shut down the AV system to save energy and projector life. From the touch pad on the podium choose to “shut the system off” and then answer “Yes” when prompted.

Room 106 is usually open at approximately 8am and locked at approximately 5:00pm. If you need to get into the room earlier, or plan to stay later, you must sign a key out in the Curricular Affairs (UGME) Office in Room 115CMWT. Call them at 6-9030 to find a time when you can pick a key up and they will instruct you on how to turn off the alarm if necessary. You MUST lock the room by key, and turn the alarm on when you leave. The other large rooms use keycard swipe access and are locked at all times.