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Student Room Reservation Information

Faculty and Staff seeking Reservations:

This page is for student reservations. Please see the room information for Faculty/ Staff/ Departmental use at: Faculty and Staff Room Reservations page

In addition to the rooms listed below, students also have access to the first floor Faculty, Student and Alumni Lounge for study when not in use for university functions. Students must use their i-card to gain access outside of regular business hours.


Many rooms in the College of Medicine (COM) are available for student reservation.  Students are allowed to reserve most of the rooms listed below provided they are not in use for other purposes.  Read the Student Room Use Agreement and the Food and Drink Policy regarding COM room use, hours of availability, etc.  By making a room reservation you are agreeing to abide by the terms in the Student Study Room Agreement.  Click here for Room Reservation Procedures. Students will have access to these rooms via i-card as appropriate.

Most rooms listed are served by
UIC Wireless. Other floors and locations throughout the College may have Wifi coverage on a room-by-room basis.

You can view current room availability – at the top right on the linked page Choose Calendar: “COM Chicago Schedule” – note that requests are attended to in order of submission and this does not show if a room has already been requested but not yet scheduled. On that page you can click Week and then click the room you wish to view – its reservations for the week will be highlighted.

Our most popular rooms for reservation are:

College of Medicine West Tower Small rooms (CMWT)

Each of the following rooms are small classrooms with a projector and screen, and the ability to connect a laptop or other device via HDMI or VGA. Additionally, all can be connected to play audio without the need for the projector to be on. Rooms also have white boards, and modern heat/AC systems. Each room has a sink.

219 – 222 – 228
311 – 312 – 313 – 314 – 318
421 – 423 – 424 – 426 – 428 – 430

The following are small, private rooms with glass walls, task lighting, and seating for 1-2 people.  Based on availability, students may use these study rooms on a first come, first served basis without making a reservation.

310a – 310b – 310c – 310d – 310e – 310f – 310g – 310h –  310j – 310k

Room B3 (Annex) is in the basement near Edelstone lounge, and is a large, open, group quiet study room. It is occasionally used for classes, at which time there will be a sign indicating it is in use.

Room 220 is a large, open, group quiet study room. It is occasionally used for classes, at which time there will be a sign indicating it is in use.

Room 420 is a large, open, active group lounge. There are fridges, a microwave and a small kitchen, as well as an LCD TV.

College of Medicine West Tower Large rooms (CMWT Irwin Auditorium)

Each of the following rooms are large classrooms with significant AV capabilities. They are is reserved for large group courses and plenaries. Echo recording is available in these rooms.

Auditorium 106  is a traditional auditorium seating 174. This room can support browser based web conferencing.

Room 227 is a traditional auditorium seating over 200.

College of Medicine Research Building (COMRB)

Moss Auditorium – 1020 COMRB

  • The auditorium seats 150 – it is reserved for large group courses and plenaries
  • It has significant AV capabilities, including
    — LCD and 35mm slide projectors and projection screens
    — Built in Mac, PC, DVD player, VCR, Overhead visualizer
    — ability to connect your own laptop
    — Wireless “clip on” and wired “stand” microphones
  • Echo recording is available in this room

Health Science Library

Available on a first-come, first-served basis or reserve at the library service desk:
6 Quiet Study Rooms: B2E, B2F, B2G, B2H, B8, 319
7 Group Study Rooms: B4, B5, B6, B7, 205, 206, 207
2 Smart Rooms: 203, 204
2 Seminar Rooms: 303, 304
Reserve a study room:

For more information on using UIC wireless, please see

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