Research & Scholarly Activities

Research & Scholarly ActivitiesA research experience enhances students’ critical thinking and problem solving abilities and skills essential for excellence in clinical practice. For many medical students, research provides an opportunity to discover new knowledge in an area of medicine that they are passionate about. For students considering careers in academic medicine, research experiences allow them to see first hand what academic medicine entails.

UIC-COM medical students have a number of options for engaging in research while pursuing their medical education. These options range from summer research experiences to dual degree programs.  Check out some of the useful programs or information below to discover a research experience that is the right fit for you:

The Research Training and Career Development Program (RTCP)

Summer Funded Research Opportunities

UICollaboratory Research Profiles

Are you looking for collaborators, mentors, or faculty expertise in a specific subject area?  The UICollaboratory can help.

Funding for Scholarly Activities

COM-UHP offers limited funding for Scholarly Activities (i.e. support for conference/abstract presentation, etc.) through an application process. For more information, email [email protected]