How do I see what’s offered?

Who do I contact?

Since June 2nd, 2008, Visiting Student Applications have been coordinated by specific Departmental Contacts.

The Departmental Contact will verify your eligibility and may tentatively hold a place for you in the desired clinical experience.

Students must have completed the six core clerkships:Medicine, Obstetrics/Gynecology Pediatrics, Psychiatry, Family Medicine and Surgery.

Other specific requirements also apply: identification, insurance, immunizations, etc. A fee may be assessed. Students may apply for a lifetime maximum of 12 weeks of elective experience at the UIC COM.

UIC College of Medicine Visiting Student Guide

Who may apply?

The University of Illinois at Chicago College of Medicine (UIC COM) accepts Visiting Medical Students from LCME-approved, osteopathic, and affiliated international institutions.

Clinical Experiences offered to Visiting Students

These are currently listed in a pdf document with their administrative contact information. You may browse each page or search for specific terms such as cardio, neuro, gyn, oto  etc. using the find feature, (Cntl-F).

As more experiences are added, the pages will be updated. We anticipate posting this in a dynamic format later this year.

Not all experiences are offered to our international visitors. Excluded experiences (if any) are listed in red on the Departmental Contact’s information page.

Application Materials

These are provided eligible visitors by the College Department contact after your initial communication with the corresponding Departmental Contact. At that time, you may also learn of availability, schedule contraints/variations, etc. Your Departmental Contact will provide you with the URL for the Application and Immunization Compliance forms upon determination that you are eligible to apply. Send your completed application directly to the Departmental Contact.

The initial communication should include:

  • Your full name;

  • The name of the medical school in which you are currently enrolled;

  • The starting and ending dates (for the calendar year) for the elective(s) in which you are interested;

  • An affirmation, by you, that you have (or will have) completed and have grades for each of the five core clerkships:
    • Medicine
    • Obstetrics/Gynecology
    • Pediatrics
    • Psychiatry
    • Surgery
    • Family Medicine

If the Department determines that I’m eligible to apply, what else should I be prepared to include in my Application?

If it is determined that you are eligilble to apply and that space is available you will use a checklist to ensure that you are sending a complete application. This will avoid unnecessary delays/disapprovals from the Department or the Dean.