1) Does a patient-facing elective need to be a 4-week elective?

It can be shorter or longer than 4 weeks, but it does need to be a catalog elective at UIC or another LCME-accredited medical school

2) Can an elective in the M3 year count for a patient-facing elective? 

No, the elective needs to be taken in the M4 year.  Electives in the M3 year can count to the Open Elective graduation requirement.

3) Can a self-designed elective count for Patient-facing elective credit?

No, a patient-facing elective needs to be a catalog elective either at UIC or another LCME-accredited medical school.  The reason for this requirement is to make sure that enough curricular oversight has occurred for the rotations.

4) Can an M4 student take a Fundamentals of …. course for Patient-facing elective credit??

Yes, if approved by the department and/or course director M4 students can use a Fundamentals of … course for Patient facing elective credit.

5) Can away rotations count for Patient-facing credit?

Yes, away rotations that are catalog electives at away LCME accredited medical schools can count after they are reviewed and approved by our registrar’s office, and, if needed, the Assistant Dean for Curriculum.

6) Can a sub-internship count for Patient-facing credit?

A sub-internhip can only count for Patient-facing elective credit if that elective is not also counting for UIC sub-internship credit, which means this is a second sub-internship the student is doing.

7) Which electives are not able to count for the patient-facing elective requirement?

Neither Diagnostic Radiology nor Pathology are able to count, but Emergency Medicine Ultrasound and Interventional Radiology courses (when catalog electives) can count.  Courses which focus primarily on teaching students (even when there is some clinical education) are not able to count. 

8) Can a Research elective count for Patient-facing credit?

No, all research is non-clinical even if the research covers a clinical topic.  

Updated: 02/02/22