Welcome to surgery! It is a pleasure and a privilege to provide an outstanding experience in your medical school education. During the eight weeks you will spend with us, we hope to teach you a number of exciting and valuable skills for your future practice of medicine. Whatever field you choose to pursue, the assessment for surgery, the surgical intervention and the post-operative care of your patients will be inevitable in your future practice of medicine as surgery intersects with every medical specialty. It is critical that you immerse yourself in every detail you can gather as all aspects that you learn in surgery will assist you in caring for your patients.

Thomas Sims, MD, FACS
Director, Medical Student Surgical Education
First Day Reporting Instructions:

Report to Room 5175 at the COMRB at 7:30a.m. on the first Monday of your Surgery Clerkship.

Body-for-Body Switch Procedure: All body-for-body switch and reassignment requests must be submitted to Student Affairs at least 4 weeks before the rotation start date.

Orientation for the first Monday:

Reporting Time:     8:00 a.m.

Reporting Place:    College of Medicine Research Building (COMRB)
Room 5175 CMRB
909 S. Wolcott
Chicago, IL 60612

  • Review the Student Surgery Manual (on Blackboard) prior to orientation and bring it with you.
  • Lectures: 8:00am -12:00pm
  • Lunch Break: 12:00-1:00pm
  • Lecture: 1:00-2:00pm
  • Suture Workshop: 2:00-4:30pm

Students will report to their respective clinical sites on Tuesday.

Surgery Clerkship Contact Information

Program Director:           Thomas Sims, MD, FACS 
Director, Medical Student Surgical Education
Pediatric Surgery
Email: tlsims@uic.edu

Surgery Coordinator:       Tricia Harvat, MS
Research Associate
Phone:  (312) 996-9609
Email:  babcockt@uic.edu
909 S. Wolcott, RM 5094 COMRB
Chicago, Il 60612

Additional Resources:

Visit the web site for the Department of Surgery

Updated: 12/02/22

Click here for a Map of Clerkship Sites Locations

Body-for- Body Switch Procedure: All body-for-body switch and reassignment requests must be submitted to Student Affairs at least 4 weeks before the rotation start date.

Site Director:                               Bryce Bardezbanian, MD
Department of Surgery
Advocate Christ Medical Center
4440 West 95th Street
Oak Lawn, IL 60453

Email: Bryce.bardezbanian@aah.org   


Site Coordinator:      Lucia Ontiveros                
Phone: (708) 684-5405
Fax: (708) 684-4924

Email: Lucia.Ontiveros@aah.org

Orientation for the first Tuesday:

Reporting Time:                        6:45 a.m.

Reporting Place:                       North Office Building with Cherie Overcast
Advocate Christ Medical Center
4440 West 95th Street
Oak Lawn, IL 60453
(*Map and directions will be emailed to the students prior to the rotation)

  •  Meet with Dr. Bardezbanian at 7:00am on Tuesday (the day after your U of I orientation) Cherie will escort you to the room after meeting with her at 6:45am.
  • Students should report to the senior resident of their service that Dr. Bardezbanian will assign you to at the 7:00am meeting.

o   At the completion of the rotation, (it’s suggested you start this the week before you leave), it is your responsibility to give evaluation forms to your attendings and residents and make it clear to them that they need to be completed and returned to Dr. Bardezbanian ASAP.

  • Here are the conferences you are expected to attend:

o    Dr. Bardezbanian Conference. Tuesday, 12:30 p.m. – Room 3601

o    U of I Surgical Conference. Wednesday, 7:30 a.m. – University of Illinois

o    U of I Surgical Lectures. Friday, 12:30p.m. – University of Illinois

o    Surgery Mortality and Morbidity.  Friday, 7:00 a.m. – Christ Hospital (one Friday a month).

  • Sub-Specialty Choices:  Students will do 8 weeks in general surgery

For questions, call Cherie Overcast (708)-684-5450.


Hospital Prerequisites:

Documentation requirements including an updated TB skin test, all titers, respirator certification procedure and completed hospital forms can be accessed at the following URL:   www.advocatehealth.com.   Flu shots are mandatory.

  1. Medical Student Information Form: https://www.advocatehealth.com/education/medical-education/medical-students/
    • Must be completed for EVERY rotation scheduled at an Advocate Hospital/Medical Center.

Advocate Christ Medical Center Overview:

Address / Location
4440 West 95th Street
Oak Lawn, IL 60453

Access / Parking
Click here for a map of Advocate Christ MC
Dan Ryan Expressway to 95th Street – West
Free parking for Resident/Student/Employee Lots – #2, #3, #4 (Located on South Keeler)

Clinical Rotations
General Surgery, Thoracic Surgery, Pediatric Surgery

Subspecialty Choices
1 week of Trauma or 1 week of Peripheral Vascular

Highlights / Unique Features
Students will be able to see a large variety of patients with varying ages, medical conditions, and pathologies. They will be actively involved with trauma cases. The spectrum of pathology and the number of cases is extensive. Faculty are actively involved in teaching and providing a great learning experience.

Resident / Attending Involvement
Student works with both all day.

Students have access to the medical library with internet access available. Call rooms are provided.

Updated: 12/02/22

Body-for-Body Switch Procedure: All body-for-body switch and reassignment requests must be submitted to Student Affairs at least 4 weeks before the rotation start date.

Advocate Lutheran General Hospital

Site Director:                                         Sanja Nikolich, MD

Department of Surgery
Phone: (847) 723-7200
Email: sanja.nikolich@aah.org


Staff Coordinator                             Marisol Hernandez-Martinez
Phone:  (847) 723-6464
Fax:  (847) 723-5029
Email:  marisol.hernandez-martinez@aah.org
Website: http://www.advocatehealth.com/body.cfm?id=1513

Orientation for the first Tuesday:

Reporting Time:                                11:00 a.m.

(Unless otherwise noted in ALGH reporting instructions).

Reporting Place:                                Medical Student Office

6th Floor South Building

1775 Dempster St.

Park Ridge, IL 60068

Hospital Prerequisites and Orientation Materials:

Required Documents can be accessed at:  https://www.advocatehealth.com/education/medical-education/medical-students/

  • Confidentiality Agreement
  •  Medical Student Information Form

Your documentation should be submitted at least four (4) weeks prior to your clerkship start date to the Medical Student Office staff listed below or your rotation will automatically be canceled.

Medical Student Office Mailing Address:

Medical Student Office
1775 Dempster St., 6 South
Park Ridge, IL 60068

Clinical Rotation
The rotation is divided into 4 weeks in General Surgery and 4 weeks in an assigned specialty.

Call Schedule
Students are on-call based on the number of students rotating at one time. Call will not be more than Q4 and students do not take call on Sundays. The students are supervised by the residents on call and will evaluate new consults, ER patients, trauma patients, and participate in emergency operations.

Highlights/Unique Features
Lutheran General Hospital is a Level I Trauma Center and students are given the opportunity to participate in the care of the trauma patients.

Resident/Attending Involvement
ALGH is dedicated to medical education. Close involvement with many attendings is afforded one on each service. The students are directly overseen by the residents on each service.


Free parking is available on the North side of Dempster on any open surface lot. Students are not permitted to park in any garage or lot that needs a token, is gated, or is barricaded. Parking in these areas may result in a parking citation.

Subspecialty Choices

Subspecialties are pre-assigned, but requests are accepted the week prior to the rotation start date. Options are pediatrics and cardio/thoracic.



Students attend multiple regularly scheduled conferences, including GI Conference, Morbidity & Mortality and Trauma Conference. Students also attend a bi-weekly radiology lecture series during the rotation.



The hospital offers a medical library with the appropriate texts, journals, and equipment. Students receive an associate discount on food purchased in the cafeteria. Meal passes are provided when taking call. Students are provided with lockers for their personal belongings. Additionally, students may purchase a one-month membership to the Fitness Center for $23.


Updated: 12/02/22

Body-for-Body Switch Procedure: All body-for-body switch and reassignment requests must be submitted to Student Affairs at least 4 weeks before the rotation start date.

Orientation for the first Tuesday:

Reporting Time:                    8:45 a.m.


Reporting Place:                   Department of Surgery Room 4807 (Elevator 2 to the 4th floor)

  • All students scheduled for the M3 Surgery Clerkship Rotation are required to attend departmental orientation. All guidelines and procedures will be discussed on the first day of orientation.
  • Please review the Duty Hours for Students.
  • Mikaela will meet with you for the first part of your orientation. She will also assist students in obtaining parking decals, lockers, call room keys, ID cards, and papers.
  • Marc Adajar, M.D. will meet with the students and give a formal presentation, and discuss the expectations and requirements of the rotation.
  • Please review this site before reporting:   http://www.advocatehealth.com/documents/education/medicaleducation/clerkSurgery.pdf

Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center:

Site Preceptor:                      Nikolaos Dallas, MD
Department of Surgery
Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center
836 West Wellington Room 4807
(Elevator 2, to the 4th Floor)
Chicago, IL 60657
Phone: (773) 296-5347
Email:  nikolaos.dallas@aah.org

Medical Education

Coordinator:                          Maria Garcia
Medical Education Department Room 1312
Phone:  (773) 296-5945
Fax:  (773) 296-5051
Email:  maria-I.Garcia@aah.org

Eloisa Buenaventura
Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center
UGME/GME Program coordinator – MGH
Phone: 773-296-7465
Tie Line: 61.7465
Fax: 773-296-5570
Email: Eloisa.Buenaventura@aah.org

Hospital Prerequisites

The following forms and information must be received by the Medical Education Coordinator a minimum of two (2) weeks prior to the rotation start date. Information can be submitted via e-mail, fax, or postal service to the rotating location.  Students must follow-up with the coordinator to ensure paperwork has been received and processed.  Rotations will be canceled if forms and information are not complete and approved.


1.    See the following website for your document requirements at Masonic:  Advocate Forms Website.  For security reasons, we no longer email student records.  If you have questions regarding your document requirements, please contact Maria Garcia.

2.    Medical Student Information Form

a.    Must be completed for EVERY rotation scheduled at an Advocate Hospital / Medical Center

3.    Medical and Immunization Clearance Form

a.    Vaccination/Immunity Status- student must indicate the date of the immunity titer and circle the result. If no titer, please indicate vaccination dates as listed.

b.    TB information must be current within one (1) calendar year of the rotation start date. If your TB test expires during your rotation, you are required to get an updated test prior to the rotation start date. If your current TB test was positive, proof of a negative chest x-ray or medical clearance is required. If you had a positive TB test in the past, a screening questionnaire completed within one year of your schedule rotation is sufficient for clearance.

c.    Every student, rotating on a clinical service, must be fit tested for a TB mask. The date and type of mask must be indicated on the medical clearance form.  The student is required to sign the form to verify the accuracy of the information.

d.    TB Questionnaire (as applicable)

4.    Computer Access Forms (as applicable)

a.    Care Connection/confidentiality form

If parking on campus, please have your license plate number, color, make, and model of your vehicle with you.
Updated: 12/02/22

This application packet should be completed at least 6 weeks prior to the beginning of your clerkship.

Orientation for the first Tuesday:

Reporting Instructions:   

  • Please contact Ms. Wilson 6 weeks prior to your rotation start date by phone or email (Saturday/Sunday not included).  When your fingerprinting is complete by Human Resources (HR) at Jesse Brown VA and you are notified by HR you are cleared, she will then request computer access for you.

o   Fingerprinting hours are only from 8-11am and 1-3pm.

  •  You will not be allowed to work in clinics or the OR unless all requirements are complete, NO EXCEPTIONS.  Additionally, you cannot report to your work area if your prints have not been cleared. Jonathan Snyder in Human Resources can give you an “adjudication” cleared date to prvide to her.

Reporting Time: 
One month prior to your rotation:

  • Contact Ms Wilson. In the body of your email (or telephone call), please identify yourself as a medical student, which service you are rotating to, (UIC/General, Etc.,) and your start date
  • Email or fax a copy of your PIV form, to be pre-registered for a VA ID. Click on this link: PIV form  Sending the PIV form to anyone else can delay getting processed. 
  • Provide the exact date you completed your online mandatory training. (It is not necessary to send a certificate unless you are asked to do so specifically.)

One week prior to your rotation:

  • If everything has been submitted timely, Ms. Wilson will contact you to schedule an appointment to receive your computer codes and receive information to schedule an appointment for your ID. If you have not completed fingerprinting and mandatory training, computer access and an ID cannot be requested. It is likely requests will not be processed and completed by your start date. DO NOT wait until a few days prior to your rotation to complete these tasks, there is no way to expedite the electronice process.
  • Report Place: Contact the Chief Resident for reporting time with the Service. Ms. Wilson can provide you with that information.

Staff Coordinator: Juanita Wilson
E-mail:  Juanita.wilson3@va.gov
820 S. Damen Ave (Main Building) Room 3490 (3North)
Phone: 312-569-2127
Fax: 312-569-7876

Jesse Brown Veterans Administration Medical Center:

Program Director: Stuart H. Lipnick, MD
Surgical Services MP 112
Jesse Brown Veterans Administration Medical Center
820 South Damen Avenue
Chicago, IL 60612
E-mail: stuart.lipnick@va.gov

Staff Coordinator: Harry Ayala
E-mail: Harry.Ayala@va.gov 
820 S. Damen Ave (Main Building) Room 3490 (3North)

Subspecialty Choices:          Students will do 6 weeks in General Surgery and 2 weeks Peripheral Vascular.

Hospital Prerequisites:

Clearance Process (ID Badge, Building and Computer Access):

Students will be notified by the Human Resources staff when clearance has been issued for their upcoming  clinical activity scheduled at Jesse Brown.  Students who have been cleared will not receive a VA ID .  You are instructed to wear your University ID while on JB campus at all times.  In addition, you will be given the appropriate Building Access Card for the section or service you will be rotating under.   Further information will be forwarded when the logistics of this process are worked out. If you have any questions regarding your rotation, computer access, scrub cards, etc. please contact your Program Coordinator or the Service-level Coordinator here at Jesse Brown.

Administrative Requirement:
Students scheduled at the VA must take care of two administrative requirements, immediately or at least 2-3 weeks prior to the start date of the rotation.  This must be taken care of immediately to avoid possible delays in granting computer access.

  • Mandatory Fingerprinting:  If you have NOT been fingerprinted in the past 120 days for the the VA, this must be taken care of immediately.  Fingerprinting is available on the following schedule:

a.    Where: HR Office, 4th Floor Taylor Pavilion, JBVA, 820 S. Damen Ave

b.    When: Monday to Friday; 8:00am to 11:00am (must be in HR by 11am); 1:00pm to 3:00pm (must be in HR by 3pm)

c.    No appointment is necessary / 1st come – 1st serve.

  • Mandatory JBVA training: training information can be found on the OSA web site, as well as on Blackboard.  Once you have registered for TMS, please email ChicagoTMSTrainees@va.gov   We encourage you to take care of this immediately. Computer access will be given at the specific service level.

Jesse Brown Veterans Administration Medical Center – West Side Overview

Address / Location
Department of Surgery
820 S. Damen Avenue
3rd Floor North, Rm. 3490
Chicago, IL 60612

Attention: Angie Owens

Access / Parking

Jesse Brown Veterans Administration Medical Center Parking System; Douglas EL train – Polk and Paulina Street stop Congress EL train – Medical Center stop; Street Metered Parking; University of Illinois Parking System; Commuter Bus to Union Station

Clinical Rotations
This is an 8 week rotation on the general surgery service. Subspecialties (vascular, etc.) are included in the 8 week experience and not defined as separate rotations. Students are assigned to in-patient work-ups, clinic exposure, and on call exposure. Students have the opportunity to become adept at certain procedures including phlebotomy, IV’s, Foley catheterization, skin preparation, and basic suturing. The student has the opportunity to become familiar with surgical problems in the ER, the wards, and the OR.

Call Schedule
Students are scheduled every 5th night for night call during an 8-week clerkship. Students spend the entire night at the Jesse Brown Veterans Administration Medical Center, and are supervised by the residents on call. Students see patients with the resident at the West Side VA.

Highlights / Unique Features
The patient population is diagnostically and socio-economically diverse. The hospital has a phlebotomy service, which reduces “scut” work.

Resident / Attending Involvement
Students are assigned to a resident and an attending on inpatient units. Attending(s) and senior residents directly supervise students in outpatient clinics and provide didactic instruction and/or lectures, as well as ward rounds.

Students have use of a surgical training room within the service training room, and ready access to campus and departmental libraries. Service includes a call room area, which is equipped with shower facilities and a television. There are also computer facilities and on call facilities at the students disposal. Resources also of West Side Medical Center Complex.

Updated: 9/23/19

Body-for-Body Switch Procedure: All body-for-body switch and reassignment requests must be submitted to Student Affairs at least 4 weeks before the rotation start date.

Orientation for the first Tuesday:

Reporting Time:                   9:00 a.m.


Reporting Place:                  Ms. Rita Coleman
Cook County Health
Professional Building
1950 W. Polk Street, 5th Floor, Chicago IL

First day of Rotation:  Please report to Ms. Rita Coleman, Cook County Health Professional Building, 1950 W. Polk Street, 5th Floor before 9:00 a.m. to receive clearance.  Please be on time. Once done, see Ms. Maria Rodriguez at 9:30am for student orientation and all information. Ms. Rodriguez is located at Stroger Hospital, 3rd floor, Room 3677.

Students may check in with Ms. Coleman up to one week prior to the start of their clerkship to receive clearance. If checking in prior to your start day, then report directly to Ms. Maria Rodriguez at 9:30 on your first day.

Students no longer have to go to Human Resource for ID Badges. I now have them in my possession.

Students must do the orientation for their surgery clerkship. If you do not take this class, you will not have any OR privileges, and you will not be able to get scrubs.

Stroger Hospital:

Site Director:                         Thomas Komar, MD
John H. Stronger, Jr. Hospital of Cook County
Department of Surgery
1901 W. Harrison
Chicago, IL 60612
Pager: 312-333-0254

 Staff Coordinator:                  Maria Rodriguez
Medical Student Clerkship Coordinator
Department of Surgery
1901 W. Harrison St.
Phone: 312-864-3202
Fax: 312-864-9633
Email: Mrodriguez3@cookcountyhhs.org

Hospital Prerequisites: 

All students will need to bring health documentation the first day of the rotation so they can be cleared for activity by Rita Coleman. Mrs. Coleman is located in the Cook County Health Professional Building at 1950 W. Polk Street, 5th floor, Room 622. If your TB skin test expires while attending this service, you are required to submit an updated report before the start of your rotation.

Body Substance Isolation System (BSIS):
Student must attend the Body Substance Isolation System (BSIS) orientation at 627 South Wood Street – 8th Floor, Room 815 in advance of their clerkship start date due to the UIC Surgery departmental orientation scheduled on the first Monday at 7:00 a.m.  Failure to submit all completed forms will result in delaying the start of your rotation. Students are encouraged to obtain their identification badge at least one (1) week before the start of the clinical experience.
Click here for more details on BSIS orientation.

ID Badge:

Students will obtain their ID badges from Ms. Rita Coleman.  They must be returned at the end of the rotation to receive a final clerkship grade and to avoid paying a $50 fee.

John H. Stroger, Jr. Hospital Overview

Address / Location
1901 West Harrison
Chicago, IL 60612

Access / Public Transportation
Service by EL Train to West Side Medical Center

Clinical Rotations
Students on core surgical clerkship rotate for eight weeks at John H. Stroger, Jr. Hospital. Four of the weeks are on general surgery and there are two – 2-week rotations on sub-specialty. These latter rotations include CV Surgery, Vascular Surgery, Colorectal Surgery, Plastic Surgery and Urology.

Call Schedule
Students are on call every 3-6 nights on general surgery and at the discretion of the service on specialty rotations.

Highlights / Unique Features
John H. Stroger, Jr. Hospital of Cook County serves the south and west side as the principal institution of Cook County Healthy Bureau. The majority of patients is indigent and come from varied ethnic backgrounds. They see John H. Stroger, Jr. Hospital of Cook County as their principal health link.

Resident / Attending Involvement
Students are assigned to a general surgery or specialty service staffed by residents and attending.

Students have access to many educational resources, both within the institution and at the West Side Medical Center Complex.


County does not validate parking for students.  The students can park in the Juvenile Detention Center Parking Garage, located at 1100 S. Hamilton, Chicago, IL.  60612. (note: If you map quest, it will say Juvenile Detention Center, and not parking garage).  Parking is $2 all day.  Stroger Hospital provides shuttle buses from the parking garage to the hospital that runs from 5:30 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.   


Subspecialty Choices:
Students will do 6 weeks of general surgery and choose two (2), two-week electives: Cardiothoracic, Colorectal Surgery, Plastic Surgery, Surgical Oncology and Urology.


Updated: 12/02/22

Body-for-Body Switch Procedure: All body-for-body switch and reassignment requests must be submitted to Student Affairs at least 4 weeks before the rotation start date.

Orientation for the first Tuesday:

Reporting Time:     Please call Ms. Susie Avila prior to the start date to confirm the reporting time:  (773) 257-6777.


Reporting Place:     Ms. Susie Avila
Mt. Sinai Hospital
Room OS351 – Main Hospital
1500 South California Ave.
Chicago, IL 60608
Email: avis@sinai.org
Phone:  (773) 257-6777

The UGME office coordinates the administrative process for medical students. The will provide information regarding ID badge, scrubs, pager, and parking. Students are charged a $25 cash deposit for scrubs as well as a $20 cash deposit for parking. To be paid by cash or personal check – CREDIT/DEBIT CARDS NOT ACCEPTED. The deposit will be refunded after you return the scrubs.

Mt. Sinai Hospital:

Program Director:    Thomas Dekoj, MD
Email: Thomas.Dekoj@sinai.org

Staff Coordinator:    Ms. Susie Avila
Mount Sinai Hospital of Chicago
Room OS351 – Main Hospital
Phone:  773-257-6777
Email: avis@sinai.orgUGME@sinai.org

Undergraduate Medical Education
Address: 1500 S. Fairfield Ave
Chicago, IL 60608
Office: NR6 – 214
Phone: 773-257-2158
Email: ugme@sinai.org

Hospital Prerequisites:

  •    Copy of Insurance Card (Mandatory)
  •    Urine Drug Screen (annual requirement) (lab results needed)
  •    German Measles (Rubella) titer – immune
  •    Measles (Rubeola) titer – Immune
  •    Varicella/zoster
  •    HB Surface Antigen Titer
  •    HB Surface Antibody Titer (Antibody must be positive, or immunization is required)
  •    2 Step Tuberculosis Skin Test
  •    (2) Proofs of negative TB test (either 2 step or two years consecutive), or if positive TB hx – CXR and TB questionnaire completed.
  •    Letter of good standing certifying HIPAA and malpractice insurance.

Mount Sinai Hospital of Chicago Overview


Mount Sinai Hospital of Chicago
California Ave & 15th Street
Chicago, IL 60608

Access / Parking:

It is recommended that student have a car for this rotation, though it is possible to get the hospital using Chicago Transit Authority (CA) bus service. For door-to-door directions, please call 773.836.7000 http://www.sinai.org/locations_contact/directions.asp

Updated: 12/02/22

Body-for-Body Switch Procedure: All body-for-body switch and reassignment requests must be submitted to Student Affairs at least 4 weeks before the rotation start date.

Orientation for the first Tuesday:

Reporting Time:                   8:15 a.m.

Reporting Place:                    St. Francis Hospital – Medical Education
Katie Leonardo & Catherine Clark, Residency Coordinators Surgery
355 Ridge Avenue
Evanston, IL 60602

St. Francis Hospital:

Program Director:                Dr. Matthew Hyser
Phone: (847) 316-6163

Site Director:                         
Dr. Michael Prendergast
Phone: (847) 316-6163

Staff Coordinator:                Catherine Clark, CPC
Transitional Year Resident/Surgery/Medical Student Coordinator

Attn: Medical Education Department – Presence Saint Francis Hospital
355 Ridge Avenue
Evanston, IL 60202
Phone:  847-316-3111
Email:  catherine.clark@amitahealth.org

Subspecialty Choices: Students will do 8 weeks in General Surgery

Special Note: Students must return all books and/or pager to St. Francis Hospital. A “registration hold” will be implemented for failure to comply with the College of Medicine “Borrowed Property” policy.

Click here for an overview of Presence Saint Francis Hospital

355 Ridge Avenue
Evanston, Illinois 60202
(847) 316-4000
(847) 316-6228

Access / Parking
Parking garage is free and available 24/day.  Please park on level three or above.

Clinical Rotations
Students rotate eight (8) weeks with four (4) weeks on general surgery Service I and four (4) weeks general surgery Service II. Service I has general surgery with exposure to breast, biliary, colon, PV disease (venous and arterial), vascular access problems in chronic renal failure patients. Service II is general surgery with significant exposure to trauma and oncologic patients including head and neck patients.

Call Schedule
There will be a night call every 5th night.

Highlights / Unique Features
Daily Morning Reports, Weekly pathology, M&M and Journal Club, Bi-weekly critical care and vascular conferences.

Resident / Attending Involvement
Students are assigned to services staffed by residents and attendings from the Metro Residency Program.

Students have access to a number of educational resources within the facility: Internet Access, meal passes, free parking, adequate call room facilities and 24-hour library availability.

Updated 12/02/22

Body-for-Body Switch Procedure: All body-for-body switch and reassignment requests must be submitted to Student Affairs at least 4 weeks before the rotation start date.

Orientation for the first Tuesday:

Reporting Time/Place:                            (will be sent to you upon completion of your paperwork)

Department of Surgery

St. Joseph Hospital

2900 N. Lake Shore Drive – Lincoln Park

Chicago, IL 60657

Directions to the Department of Surgery: (must enter through Entrance B) –

1.    Take one of the main elevators (across from the Gift Shop) to the 3rd floor.

2.    On the 3rd floor, go past the Radiology Department and down the hall (it winds a bit) past Elevator C (which will be on your left) and the Surgery Waiting Room (which will be on your right).

3.    At the windows, make a left.  The Department of Surgery is the 3rd door on the left hand side.

  •   Students need to get a St. Joseph Hospital ID card.
  •   Read the MS3 Handbook from the chief resident prior to rotating at St. Joseph.

St. Joseph Hospital:

Program Director:                   Mark Connolly, MD
Department of Surgery
St Joseph’s Hospital
2900 North Lake Shore Drive
Chicago, IL
Email: Mark.Connolly@ascension.org


Staff Coordinator:                    Camelia Stanciu
Administrative Residency Coordinator
Department of Surgery
St Joseph’s Hospital
2900 North Lake Shore Drive
Tel: 773.665.6237
Fax: 773.665.6232
Email:  Camelia.Stanciu@ascension.org

Subspecialty Choices:  Students will do 8 weeks of General Surgery

Hospital Paperwork needs to be submitted to Kathy McGaghie 4 weeks prior to the start of the clerkship.

Hospital Prerequisites:

  • Copy of personal health insurance
  • Cell phone number
  • Email
  • Dean’s Letter
  • Medical Education Student Manual (Note: There is a new Confidentiality Agreement on page 13. That is now the one that needs to be signed and sent.)
  • Last 4 digits of social security number
  • Date of birth
  • Full name including middle name
  • Current Fit testing certificate, if less than 1 year old. If not, no need to send
  • Be familiar with the Quick Start Guide

St. Joseph Hospital Overview:

St. Joseph’s Hospital is a community hospital located in Lakeview/Lincoln Park. Founded in 1868, St. Joseph Hospital is one of the oldest hospitals in Chicago. Today, it is a full service health care facility serving Chicago’s North Side. St. Joseph’s Hospital has a highly trained team of medical experts with specialties ranging from orthopedic/sports medicine and cancer care to cardiology, gastroenterology and imaging services. Many of the hospital’s nearly 600 physicians are leaders in their fields, conducting clinical research and teaching a new generation of health care providers.

With open and closed MRI, intensity modulated radiation therapy (IMRT), state-of-the-art fetal monitoring, minimally invasive procedures, stereotactic breast biopsy and comprehensive rehabilitation services, St. Joseph Hospital continually pursues advances in technology to diagnose and treat a wide range of medical conditions. Everyone at St. Joseph’s Hospital is committed to providing excellent patient care.

St. Joseph’s Hospital has a strong commitment to education, providing graduate and undergraduate medical education for over 30 years. The community teaching hospital model is designed to provide state-of-the-art care in a personalized setting that is sensitive to patients’ needs. The hospital provides a wide range of care in all major clinical specialties except for transplantations, with special expertise in Cardiology, Cancer Care, HIV Infection and Geriatrics.

Undergraduate medical education is a strong component of the educational environment at St. Joseph’s Hospital. Medical students enjoy the opportunity to interact with faculty members who serve as role models in the delivery of excellent patient care in a private practice setting. Medical student rotations are available in Internal Medicine, Obstetrics/Gynecology, Family Medicine and General Surgery. Medical students also have contact with Podiatry residents who are on-site. For more information, visit our web site athttp://saintjosephhospital.reshealth.org/sub_sjh/default.cfm

St Joseph’s for inpatient service. Ambulatory location to be announced.

2900 N Lake Shore Drive – Lincoln Park

CTA Bus Routes: The #77 Belmont bus stops in front of the hospital. The #151 Sheridan and #156 LaSalle buses stop at the corner of Surf Street and Sheridan Road; the hospital is located one block east of this bus stop.

Rapid Transit: The Brown and Purple “el” lines stop at Diversey Avenue. From there, take the #76 Diversey bus east to Sheridan Road; the hospital is located one block east of the bus stop.

Students have a variety of parking options available to them, including:

  •  Parking on the street
  • Century Mall parking garage – park free of charge by obtaining a parking coupon when you present your valid school ID card at the Security Office near the Emergency Department. The Hospital provides shuttle service from Lakeview Health Center, across from the Mall, between 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Students can ask an employee at the health center to call Hospital Security to arrange transportation to the Hospital. On the return trip, students may request the shuttle to take them back to the health center/Century Mall at the Main Information Desk or Security near the Emergency Department.
  • Students may also park in the St. Joseph’s Hospital parking garage for a discounted rate of $4.00 per day. Students must present their valid school ID card at the Security Office to have their parking ticket validated to receive the discounted rate and must adhere to the parking policy guidelines, which may be obtained in the Security Office.

Students will be on call every 4th or 5th day depending on number of residents on service.  Students are also required to keep an operative log on this rotation.


  • Service I – supervision by 5th year surgical resident and Service I teaching attendings
  • Service II – supervision by 4th year surgical resident and Service II teaching attendings

Please note, students are allowed to rotate at St. Joseph with a respirator fit test completed M1 year, but will be restricted from TB isolation rooms since testing will be over a year old.

Updated: 12/02/22

Body-for-Body Switch Procedure: All body-for-body switch and reassignment requests must be submitted to Student Affairs at least 4 weeks before the rotation start date.

Program Director:                          Francesco Bianco, MD

Department of Surgery

Division of General, Minimally Invasive, & Robotic

E-mail: biancofm@uic.edu

Site Coordinator:                        Tricia Harvat, MS Research Associate

909 S. Wolcott, RM 5094 COMRB

Phone: 312-996-9609

Email: babcockt@uic.edu

Orientation for the first Monday:

Reporting Instructions:    

A rotation schedule request form will be sent to the students by the site coordinator prior to the start date in order to choose their electives.  This form in addition to the scrub suit request  form* must be returned at least three (3) weeks prior to the start date.

Scrubs Access Procedure:
The UIC Medical Center now utilizes scrub dispensing machines. Access to the machine is controlled via I-card. Students on this rotation must complete the *Scrub Suit Request Form and provide a copy of their identification card and I card.  These forms must be turned in to Tricia Harvat Room 5094 COMRB (312-996-9609) at least three (3) weeks prior to their clinical activity start date. All medical students are required to be in the scrub system before their first day in the OR.

See also: graphical instructions for use of new scrub dispenser.

Reporting Time:        6:00 a.m. (to be confirmed with corresponding resident).

UIH Administrative Requirements

  • Attend your orientation with Dr. Bartholomew on Monday.
  • Electives are allowed in plastics, pediatrics, colo-rectal, transplant, surgical oncology, cardiothoracic, wound care and vascular for two weeks durations.

Clinical Rotations Instructions:

A surgical track plan must be scheduled prior to the first orientation. Students are required to spend 2 weeks in General Surgery and 6 weeks of specialized surgery listed above in three (3) rotations/ two (2) weeks each.


Evaluations are sent out electronically to faculty.  However, you will also get two paper copies of the evaluations for every 2 week rotation as well. Some attendings prefer the electronic version so they might not take your paper copy, but resident will fill out the paper copies as well as some attendings. These are to be returned to Tricia Harvat (some attendings will turn them directly into me others will give them back to you to hand in to me both ways are acceptable).

Wednesdays.  Mandatory for all sites.

University of Illinois Overview:

1740 W. Taylor Street
Chicago, IL 60612

Access / Parking
Douglas EL train – Polk and Paulina Streets stop; Congress EL train – Medical Center Stop;
Parking Garage; Limited Street Parking; Commuter Bus to Union Station

Call Schedule
Call among students will be divided equally and will depend on the number of students, and can rotate as often as Q4, with no call on Thursday to give full attention to Friday Lectures

Highlights / Unique Features
Diverse patient population with often unusual and/or neglected diseases. Strong Pediatric Surgery, Colorectal Surgery and Plastic Surgery rotations. Other rotations expose students to the standards in those subspecialties. Good opportunity to meet faculty with local/national/international expertise.

Resident / Attending Involvement
The students round with the residents and fellows daily as part of the team. Ample opportunity to meet with attendings. At least five different attending-based meetings occur weekly during the rotation.

Vast resources of West Side Medical Center Library and Internet access on Surgical Floor.

Updated: 12/02/22