Pediatrics First Day Reporting Instructions

Body-for-Body Switch Procedure: All body for body switch and reassignment requests must be submitted to the Registrar at least 4 weeks before the rotation start date.

Pediatrics First Day Reporting Instructions for the first Monday of the clerkship:
Students, please be aware that students doing their Pediatrics Clerkship at Lutheran go to Lutheran directly on Monday for orientation. Students doing their Pediatrics Clerkship at UIC go to UIC directly for Monday Orientation.

Students at UIC site: 
Mandatory In-person Orientation – 9:00am (for students at UIH only)
Tour of clinical sites will take place at 10:00 a.m., after orientation.

Reporting Place: 840 S. Wood St., Room 1208 (12th Floor, Clinical Sciences Building), Chicago, IL 60612

Students at Lutheran site:
Students go directly to Lutheran on the first Monday of the clerkship. The coordinator at Lutheran will email students directly with the time of arrival and any other instructions.

Updated: 11/18/22

Click here for a Map of Clerkship Sites Locations 

Body-for-Body Switch Procedure: All body-for-body switches and reassignment requests must be submitted to Student Affairs at least 4 weeks before the rotation start date.

Orientation for the first Monday

Reporting Time: The coordinator at Lutheran will email students directly the time and location and any further instructions for that first Monday of the clerkship.

Reporting Place:     

Medical Student Office
6th Floor South Building
1775 Dempster St., Park Ridge, IL

Advocate Lutheran General Hospital:

Site Director:    Lisa Cheng, MD
Office:  (847) 723-9540
Fax:  847-723-2325

Associate Site Director:  Sanaa Qamar
Office:  847-723-9437

Site Coordinator:                Marisol Hernandez-Martinez
Phone:  (847) 723-6464
Fax:  (847) 723-5029

Hospital Prerequisites:

Required documents can be accessed at

  • Confidentiality Agreement
  • Medical Student Information Form

Your documentation should be submitted at least four (4) weeks prior to your clerkship start date to the Medical Student Office staff listed above or your rotation will automatically be canceled.

Lutheran General Children’s Hospital Overview:

1775 Dempster Street
Park Ridge, IL 60068


Located 2 blocks East of I-294. Free parking is available on the North Side of Dempser on any open surface lot. Students are not permitted to park in any garage or lot that needs a token, is gated, or is barricaded. Parking in these areas may result in a parking citation.


The clerkship is six (6) weeks in duration and students will participate in three (3) experiences: three (3) weeks are spent on the Inpatient Unit; two (2) weeks are spent in the Outpatient setting; and one (1) week is spent in the Newborn Nursery.


Students are on-call at the hospital twice during the inpatient rotation (6am – 6pm).


On the In-patient unit, students will attend sign-in/sign-out and daily teaching rounds. Students attend daily noon lectures and weekly Grand Rounds. Students will also participate in twice-weekly case presentation conferences (CPC’s).


Students will be part of a team, including an attending, one senior and one/two interns on the Inpatient Unit. In the Outpatient setting, students will be supervised by an attending. In the Newborn Nursery, students are part of a team with a PL III and two PL Is. Teaching rounds are twice per week.


There is an “employee discount” on food purchased in the 10th floor cafeteria.  Internet access is available as well as the Medical Library.

Updated 11/18/22

Body-for-Body Switch Procedure: All body-for-body switch and reassignment requests must be submitted to Student Affairs at least 4 weeks before the rotation start date.

Orientation for the first Monday: Mandatory In-Person Orientation begins at 9am

Reporting Time:        9:00 a.m.

Reporting Place:
840 S. Wood St.
CSB Room 1208 (12th Floor)
Chicago, IL 60612

University of Illinois Hospital:

Site Directors:  Ana Mauro, MD
Department of Pediatrics—440G CSN
820 South Wood Street
Phone: 312-996-9168

Co-Site Director: Karen Hayani, MD
Department of Pediatrics – MC 856
840 South Wood Street, Room 1341
Phone: 312-996-1789
Fax: 312-996-5327

Site Coordinator: Lupe Medina

Hospital Prerequisites:

  •  EPIC (formerly Cerner)
  •  UIH ID Badge – A UIH ID badge is mandatory for all students reporting to a clinical activity.  ID Badges must be picked up at the UIH ID Office PRIOR to your rotation start date:

University of Illinois Hospital Overview:

Department of Pediatrics – M/C 856
Room 1247- CSB
840 South Wood Street
Chicago, IL 60612

Public Transportation/Parking:
Polk ‘L’ Train (Pink Line) – Polk & Paulina Streets Stop
Illinois Medical District ‘L’ Train (Blue Line) – Medical Center Stop, 430 S. Damen Ave.
Commuter Bus to Union Station
UIC Parking System
Street-metered Parking

Clinical Rotation:
The six (6) week rotation has a two-week inpatient experience on 5 – West, the pediatrics in-patient ward.  There is one week each of general outpatient pediatrics, emergency room, subspecialty and the newborn nursery.

Call Schedule:
There are evening/overnight shifts in the emergency department.

Highlights/Unique Features:
Our wards and clinics are busy and there is a diverse patient population. The spectrum of pediatric problems ranges from the common to the particularly rare. Many of our patients have challenging psychosocial issues that often require professional attention. The faculty consists of accomplished general and subspecialty pediatricians, all of whom are dedicated to patient care, teaching, and research.

The didactic curriculum consists of 12pm (noon) student-focused lectures, weekly grand rounds and multiple teaching sessions with the residents and attendings during the inpatient and nursery experiences.

Resident/Attending Involvement:
Students are assigned to a resident and an attending on inpatient units, and students are directly supervised by attendings in the emergency room, outpatient and subspecialty clinics.

Students have ready access to campus and departmental libraries. On-line computers are ubiquitous in both the inpatient and outpatient departments.

Updated: 04/24/23