Core Clerkship in Family Medicine – Orientation Information

All students must attend the on-campus Family Medicine Orientation on the first Monday of the clerkship rotation before reporting to the  clerkship site.

Click here for First Day Orientation Instructions before reviewing the clerkship reporting instructions for your specific site below.

Family Medicine Orientation will be held at:
The Department of Family Medicine
1919 W. Taylor Street, Room 196

On the 1st Monday of every 6 week block – 8:30am
The Family Medicine Clerkship is 6 weeks long.

Program Director:
Sagina Hanjrah, MD
Department of Family Medicine
1919 West Taylor Street
Chicago, IL 60612

Coordinator of Student Programs:
Tralisa Ware
Department of Family Medicine
University of Illinois at Chicago
1919 West Taylor Street, RM 159
Chicago, IL 60612-7248
Phone:  (312) 996-8209
Updated: 11/17/22

Click here for a Map of Clerkship Sites Locations

Family Medicine Reporting Instructions by Hospital Site:

Amita Health Adventist LaGrange Memorial Hospital

Director: Daphne Tessalee, MD

Contact: Anna Becht


1325 Memorial Drive,
Building 5

LaGrange, IL 60525

Phone: (708) 245-8976

Contact Anna Becht the week prior to reporting to your first day of clinic for further instructions.  Please be prepared with lab coat and school ID when you report to clinic.

 Updated: 5/1/19

Advocate Christ Hospital and Medical Center (ACMC)

Family Medicine Clerkship

Director: Roxanne Smith, M.D.

Time: 8:30am

Address: 4140 Southwest Highway
Hometown, Illinois 60456

Contact: Jeanette Gooden


Phone: (708) 857-5902

Fax: (708) 422-9535

Immunization Requirement – This requirement must be in place in UIC Office of Student Affairs at least six (6) weeks before the start of the clerkship. Failure to submit all complete forms will result in delaying the start of your clerkship.

Well in advance of the clerkship, please fill out the Advocate Christ Medical Center Medical Student Information Form and Immunization Clearance Form (available Online – or at UIC Office of Student Affairs) and return them to UIC Office of Student Affairs.  UIC Office of Student Affairs will submit all completed forms 4 weeks before the clerkship start date to Jeanette Gooden, Secretary, Advocate Christ Medical Center, Family Medicine Center, 4140 Southwest Highway, Hometown, Illinois 60456.  You may contact Jeanette at 708-857-5902Fax: 708-422-9535 to confirm that all paperwork has been received.  Please note that these forms must be sent to Jeanette 4 weeks prior to the start of the rotation at Advocate Christ Medical Center, Family Medicine Center or the clerkship will be canceled.

On the first Tuesday of the rotation at 8:30a.m, please report to Family Medicine Center at 4140 Southwest Highway, Hometown, Illinois 60456.  Once there ask for Jeanette, she will orient you to the clinic. Come prepared (school ID, clean white jacket, stethoscope, etc.) to work in the clinic. If you have any questions, please contact Jeanette Gooden at (708) 857-5902.

Please note: All rotating medical students that will be doing a rotation at Advocate Christ Medical Center will have to park in lot 2, 3 or 4 (those lots are open in the morning).  You will be provided with a parking transponder to gain access to the parking lots from Jeanette once you are oriented (Not Security). You will be required to give Jeanette a $25.00 deposit in the form of a check, made payable to Advocate Christ Medical Center for the transponder. The check will be held until the end of the clerkship and the transponder has been returned. The $25.00 deposit will only be cashed by Advocate Christ Medial Center, if the transponder is not returned at the end of the rotation.

Parking is available alongside the West side of the Medical Center building. DO NOT park alongside the housing complex fencing across from the Medical Center.

Updated:  5/1/19

Advocate Illinois Masonic/Ravenswood

Jose Elizondo, MD and Rick Guthmann, MD

Family Practice Residency Program
4600 N. Ravenswood Ave.
Chicago, IL 60640

Office: 836 W. Wellington

Contact: Maria Garcia, Coordinator of Medical Student Affairs or Teresa Johnson

Phone: (773) 296-5945 or (773) 296-7059

Fax: (773) 296-5051

Email: or

Students receive reporting instructions and rotation schedule via email from the site coordinator, Teresa Johnson, approximately one week before start of rotation.


Once a rotation is scheduled, all paperwork must be received by the Medical Student Affairs Office a minimum of FOUR (4) weeks prior to the rotation start date. Students must follow up with the Coordinator to ensure paperwork has been received.


Information must be submitted via e-mail.  Students must follow-up with the Coordinator (Maria Garcia) to ensure paperwork has been received and processed.

Please complete the online forms prior to the rotation.

Link to the Medical Student Requirements prior to rotation:

Updated: 5/1/19

Advocate Medical Group Merrionette Park

Sarwat Shaheen, MD

Advocate Medical Group
11600 S. Kedzie Ave, Suite A/B/D
Merrionette Park, IL 60803

Contact: Jeanne Marie Kenney, Administrative Supervisor

Phone: (708) 272-4153

Fax: (708) 229-0696

Email: and

Reporting Instructions: Report to Jeanne Marie Kenney. There are no forms or paperwork needed for this office.

Please contact Dr. Shaheen and Jeanne two weeks prior to clerkship to obtain parking and any other pertinent information.

Dress code: regular clinic attire, business casual or scrubs; no jeans
Clinic hours: 8am – 5pm
One preceptor: Sarwat Shaheen, MD

No grand rounds as of yet due to COVID, however, students conduct mini discussions/presentations with preceptor

Updated: 3/1/21

Hinsdale Family Medicine Center

Leslie Sleuwen
Hinsdale Family Practice Residency
135 N. Oak St.
Hinsdale, IL 60521

Lonnise Jones


Phone: (630) 856-8944

Fax: (630) 856-8923

At least 2 weeks before the clerkship call and ask for the Residency coordinator for that site. You will need to provide her with some brief information so that an information packet can be sent to you. Please send your certification of immunization to Hepatitis B (either by vaccine or titer) directly to Dept. of Family Practice, Hinsdale Family Practice Residency Program, Attention: Haydee Velasco 135 N. Oak St., Hinsdale, IL 60521.
On the first clinic day of your rotation, you should report to the Hinsdale Family Practice Residency at 8:30 a.m. Our office is located at 135. N. Oak, Hinsdale, in the small church building across the street from the hospital in the basement (Room 110). Please park anywhere in the East-parking garage except one of the spaces marked “HFMC Patient Parking”. After orientation and a brief tour of the hospital, you will begin your rotation.

We ask for $25.00 deposits in the form of a personal check made payable to Hinsdale Family Practice Residency. You can give us the check on your first day at orientation. This deposit is for a Medical Student ID Card and Parking Tag and will be given back to you after you return the ID card and Parking Tag on the last clinic day of your rotation. You will also need to complete a temporary parking sticker form for our Security Dept. Have your car make, model & license plate information ready for completion of this form.

Updated: 11/17/22

Lutheran General Hospital

Lutheran General Hospital – Nesset Center

Tamar Perlow, MD, MPH
Dept. of Family Practice
1775 Dempster St.
6 South (Mailbox 50)
Park Ridge, IL 60068

Contact: Marisol Hernandez-Martinez

Phone: (847) 723-6464

Fax: (847) 723-5029



Well in advance of the clerkship, the Office of Student Affairs will forward the required student health records to the Department of Medical Education. On the first Tuesday of the clerkship at 7:45 am, report to Lutheran General Hospital, Dept. of Family Medicine, 6th Floor South Building at 1775 Dempster St., Park Ridge, IL and ask for Vehida Spiodic. Come prepared (equipment and dress) to work in the clinic.

1.Have a nurse or physician fill out both sides of the Lutheran General Hospital Student Medical Immunization Form (available at the COM Dean’s Office).

TB test must be within one year of rotation end-date (i.e. rotation end date – 6/30/06 then, TB test must have been done after 6/30/05). If positive, chest x-ray results must be submitted.

2. Complete the Lutheran General Hospital Medical Student Information Form. (available at the COM Dean’s Office).

3. All completed documentation should be forwarded directly to Pam.
Department of Education 8 South
Lutheran General Hospital
1775 Dempster Street
Park Ridge, IL 60068-1174

Updated: 5/1/19

MacNeal Family Medicine Residency Program

Yesenia Yepez, MD

3231 S. Euclid Ave.
Berwyn, IL 60402

Contact: Kristy Sliwinski
Phone: (708) 783-6586
Fax: (708) 783-6569


Well in advance of your start date please call Kristy Sliwinsky to set your clinic schedule.

Updated: 5/1/19

Mile Square (University of Illinois at Chicago Affiliate)   

Mile Square Health Clinic, M/C 698
1220 South Wood Street
Chicago, IL 60608

Contact: Tralisa Ware
Phone: (312) 996-8209


You will receive your clinic schedule from Tralisa Ware at Orientation and not before that.  You will report to clinic on Tuesday.

Note: Students scheduled at Mile Square may be traveling to other teaching sites affiliated with their educational program and an automobile is mandatory when rotating through this service.

BOTY (Mile Square Affiliate)

4630 S. Bishop
Chicago, IL 60609
Phone: (773) 523-2615
Fax: (708) 652-4745

South Shore Clinic (Mile Square Affiliate)                                     

7037 South Stony Island Ave.
Chicago, Illinois 60649
Phone: (773) 256-0526
Fax: (773) 363-5493

Englewood (Mile Square Affiliate)

641 W 63rd St
Chicago, IL 60621
Phone: (312) 413-4070
Fax: (312) 355-1110

Updated: 11/17/22

Pilsen Family Health Center (University of Illinois at Chicago Affiliate)   

Pilsen Family Health Center Lower West
1713 South Ashland Ave.
Chicago, IL 60608

Contact: Tralisa Ware
Phone: (312) 996-8209
Fax: (312) 996-2579


You will receive your clinic schedule from the Coordinator at the Orientation and not before that.  On the first Tuesday of the clerkship, report to your assigned clinic.

Updated: 11/17/22

Resurrection Family Practice Center

Annmarie Walsh, DO (Medical Student coordinator)

7447 W. Talcott Ave, Suite 182
Chicago, IL 60631

Contact: Annmarie Walsh, DO

Phone: (773) 792-5155

Fax: (773) 594-7975


On the first Tuesday of the clerkship at 8am, report to the Medical Education Office on the 1st floor of Resurrection Medical Center (7435 W Talcott Ave, Chicago, IL).  You will meet with Maggie Ponticelli who will provide an orientation to the hospital.  You will be receiving an email from her regarding first day instructions prior to the start of the rotation.

After orientation, Maggie will bring you to the Family Practice Center (1st floor) in the Professional Building attached to the hospital.  You will be meeting with Dr. Walsh to discuss the rotation (expectations, goals and objectives, clinic schedule, etc).  You will also receive information about the rotation prior to your start date.  Come prepared to participate in clinic on your first day!  If you have any questions or concerns prior to the start of the rotation, please feel free to contact Dr. Walsh.

Updated: 5/1/19

Rush-Copley Medical Center

2020 Ogden Avenue

Ste. 235

Aurora, IL 60504


Contact: Angela Fredricks
Phone: (630) 375-2814
Fax: (630)375-2812

Rush-Copley Medical Student Submission List

Rush-Copley Health Screening Form

Updated: 4/26/22

St. Joseph’s Hospital
Seton Family Health Center
711 W. North Ave.
Chicago IL  60610
Phone: (773) 337-1982
Contact: Trish Boskovic
Phone: (773) 665-3300
Fax: (773) 665-3228



Where to Park: 

 Seton:  There is a free lot adjacent to the Clinic

Hospital:  You may park in the Hospital Garage for $2.50. You must take your parking ticket and student ID to the security desk outside the Emergency Room and they will validate your exit ticket. PLEASE ONLY PARK IN THE AREA FOR HOSPITAL PERSONNEL AND NOT IN THE DOCTOR AREAS

Where to report:

On your first day – Tuesday – report to Dr. Renata Gazzi, 9 am at Seton Family Health Center.  Check in at the front desk and ask for her.  She will be in the Doctors’ Library.  You will be given a tour of the facility and a “student guide” with all the details about your rotation.

We look forward to seeing you and extend our best wishes for an enjoyable and successful rotation

There are educational conferences at the Hospital 12th floor Family Medicine Conference Room (across from the Library) from 1-4 pm.  You are welcomed to attend. Students can use their school ID badges for identification.  These should be worn at all times and can be used to purchase meals at employee rates in the hospital cafeteria.

Phone Numbers:

312-337-1982 – Seton Clinic – General Number

773-665-3478 – Family Medicine Conference Room on the 12th floor of hospital

773-665-3885 – Dr. Garcia’s Office (Pager 312-707-5231)


Dr. James Nee, Director
Dr. Jean Engelkemeir
Dr. Tatiana Batista
Dr. Renata Gazzi (pager 312-707-0214)
Dr. Laura Wally
Dr. Tanya Richardson
Dr. Rhonda Faulkner

 Updated: 5/1/19

University Village Family Medicine

Director: Medical Student Education: Sagina Hanjrah, MD

University Village Family Medicine Center-UV
722 West Maxwell Street, Suite 235
Chicago, IL 60607

Contact: Tralisa Ware
Phone: (312) 996-8209


You will receive your clinic schedule from the Coordinator at the Orientation and not before that.  Report to the site on the first Tuesday of the clerkship.

Updated: 11/17/22

Updated: 5/1/19

Revised: 11/17/22