Self-designed electives are possible when an individual student (with close supervision of a faculty member or physician) wants to modify an existing elective to fit the student’s particular interest, or even develop a customized experience. These electives usually involve only one student who will work closely with the Program Director.  A student in the College of Medicine may also be allowed to change some aspects of an approved elective.  The student who wants to change any part of an approved elective must first have the full endorsement of the Program Director. The student AND the Director must agree on the changes. The changes be clearly stated in writing and signed by the Director. The changes must then be approved by the appropriate UIC COM Department Head and the Assistant/Associate Dean of Curriculum. The intent of these procedures is to ensure the highest quality educational experience for all students, and that credit toward graduation is granted; it is not meant to discourage students from seeking to broaden their educational experience outside the UIC system.

Scheduling Self-Designed Electives:

Please follow the instructions on the OSA Scheduling Forms and Calendar page. Click here for the Self-Deisgned Scheduling Form.

Self-Designed Electives can only be applied to M4 Open Elective weeks but cannot fulfill M4 Selectives or Pathway Requirements.  Click here for an overview of the M4 Curriculum.

Department: Anatomy and Cell Biology
Head: Simon Alford, Ph.D.
Phone: 312-355-0328
Location: 578 CME, Lab: 565 CME

Department: Anesthesiology
Head: David Schwartz, M.D.
Designee: Edina Kim, MD
Phone: 312-996-4020
Location: Room 3200, UICH, M/C 515

Department: Dermatology
Head: Maria M. Tsoukas, M.D., PhD
Designee: Michelle M. Bain, M.D. 
Phone: 312-996-6966
Location: Room 380 CME, M/C 624

Department: Emergency Medicine
Head:  Terry Vanden-Hoek, M.D.
Designee:  Lisa Gehm, M.D. 
Phone: 312-413-1675
Location: 47A-A CME, M/C 724

Department:  Family Medicine
Head: John Hickner, M.D.
Designee:  Sagina Hanjrah, M.D.
Phone: 312-413-3213
Location: 1919 West Taylor Street, M/C 663

Department: Medical Education
Acting Head: Alan Schwartz, Ph.D.
Phone: 312-996-2070
Location: 986-D CME, M/C 591

Department:  Neurology and Rehabilitation
Head:  Jeffrey Loeb, M.D.
Designees:  Yasaman Kianirad, M.D., Yara Mikhaeil-Demo, M.D.
Phone: 312-355-5400,
Location: Room 855N NPI, M/C 796

Department: Neurosurgery
Head: Fady Charbel, M.D.
Phone: 312-996-4842
Location: Room 451-N NPI, M/C 799

Department:  Obstetrics and Gynecology
Head: Mary Stephensen, M.D.
Designee: Catherine Wheatley, M.D., FACOG
Phone: 312-996-7430
Location: Room 253 CSN, M/C 808

Department: Ophthalmology
Head: Mark Rosenblatt, M.D., Ph.D., M.B.A.
Designee: Pooja Bhatt, M.D. 
Phone: 312-996-6660
Location: EEI 3.138, M/C 648

Department:  Orthopaedics
Head: Mark H. Gonzalez
Designee: Alfonso Mejia, M.D.
Phone: 312-996-7161
Location: Room E270 MSB , M/C 844

Department:  Otolaryngology
Head: Barry Wenig, M.D., M.P.H.
Designee:  H. Steven Sims, M.D.
Phone: 312-996-6582
Location: EEI 2.42, M/C 648

Department:  Pathology
Frederick Behm, M.D.
Designee: Anjen Chenn, MD
Phone: 312-996-3150
Location: 130 CSN, M/C 847

Department: Pediatrics
Head: Usha Raj, MD
Designee: Jordan Hupert, M.D.
Phone: 312-996-8297, 312-996-6138
Location: Room 1245 CSB, M/C 856

Department:  Psychiatry
Head: Anand Kumar, M.D, M.H.A.
Designee:  Joseph Cooper, M.D. 
Phone: 312-996-6139
Location: Room 336 CSB, M/C 913

Department: Radiology
Head:  Charles E. Ray, Jr., MD, PhD
Designee: Michael Bresler, M.D.
Phone: 312-996-0234 , 312-996-0235
Location: Room 2483 UICMC, M/C 931

Department: Surgery
Head: Enrico Benedetti, M.D., FACS
Designee:  Amelia Bartholomew, M.D. 
Phone: 312-996-0699, 312-355-4300
Location: 417 CSB, M/C 958

Department: Urology
Head: Craig Niederberger, M.D.
Designee: Daniel Garvey, M.D.
Phone: 312-996-9330
Location: Room 515 CSN, M/C 955

Medicine Specialties are approved by Division Chief

Department: Medicine
Head: Patricia W. Finn, MD
Location: Room 1020 CSB, M/C 787

Division: Academic Internal Medicine and Geriatrics
Chief: Rachel Caskey, M.D.
Location: 3 OCC, MC 731

Division: Cardiology
Chief: Dawood Darbar, M.D.
Location: 920-S CSB, MC 715

Division: Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism
Chief: Brian Layden, M.D., Ph.D.
Phone: 312-996-6060
Location: 612 CMW, MC 640

Division: Gastroenterology and Hepatology 
Chief: Barbara Jung, MD
Phone: 312-996-9571
Location: 718E CSB

Section : Infectious Diseases
Chief: Richard Novak, M.D.
Phone: 312-996-6732
Location: Room 888 CMET, MC 735

Section: Nephrology
Chief: Jose Arruda, M.D.
Phone: 312-996-6775
Location : 420-W CSN, MC 793

Section: Hematology/Oncology
Interim: Damiano Rondelli, M.D.
Phone: 312-996-6179
Location: 820E, MC 713

Section: Pulmonary, Critical Care and Sleep Medicine
Chief: Steven Dudek, M.D.
Phone: 312-996-8039
Location: 920 CSB

Section: Rheumatology
Chief: Jean Fitzpatrick, M.D.
Phone: 312-413-3922
Location: 917 CSB, MC 719

Updated: 01/09/19