PREREQUISITES AND PLACEMENT IN CURRICULUM: Students must have completed their M3 Core Clerkship in Family Medicine.

PURPOSE: Students will be exposed to a wide range of sports medicine problems in the sports medicine clinic at Advocate Christ Family Practice Center and Advance Ortho and Spine.

COMPETENCIES: Students will become proficient in the performance of pre-participation sports examinations, which are patient and sport specific. They will gain a depth of knowledge in contraindications to certain sports and limitations or restrictions based on the sports, specific history and physical examination for which the physician must provide guidance and direction for the safety of athletes with certain conditions. Students will become proficient in the management of certain common sports related conditions including: groin pulls, hamstring injuries, shin splints, heat exhaustion, stress fractures, etc. Students will become proficient in the diagnosis and pre-participation assessment of limitations of cardiac physiology.

INSTRUCTIONAL FEATURES: Students will gain a depth of knowledge in basic anatomy related to the sports exam, pre-participation assessment including exercise physiology, mechanisms of injuries, and protective equipment to alleviate risk of further or future injuries, diagnosis and treatment of common sports injuries and other common sports-related disorders and conditions of sports medicine through required readings and assessment by the two faculty while on the rotation. Students will see patients with two seasoned sports medicine physicians, Dr. Jose R. Perez-Sanz and Dr. Sangili Chandran, who provide lectures on Sports Medicine at Advocate Christ Family Practice Center.

SUGGESTED READING: Physical Examination of the Spine and Extremities – Hoppenfield, S. Clinical Sports Medicine – Brukner & Khan

ASSESSMENT: Dr. Chandran will complete evaluations of all the medical students while on this rotation. Evaluations will be maintained on file and available to future students.


Program Number: ELEC 903
Location: ACMC
Program Director:  S. Chandran, MD
Coordinator: Jeanette Gooden
Telephone: 708-857-5902
Duration: 4 Weeks
Night Call: No
Weekends: No (Friday evening games during the months of August – November)
Students Accepted: Min. 1; Max. 1
Housestaff Used as Faculty: No
Lectures/Conferences/Faculty Contact: Lectures every Tuesday afternoon / Conference every Wednesday morning at UIC / Faculty Contact – 2 / Physical Therapy 7 /Athletic Training Room every Tuesday, only during football season (August – November).
Laboratory / Independent Study: 3

Outpatient: 26  Athletic Training Facility: 4

Total Hours /Week: 40

Reporting Instructions: 
The student is to contact Jeanette Gooden at 708-857-5902 for reporting instructions.

Please review this website prior to your first day. 

Immunization & Compliance forms can be found here.


Note: Clinical electives at Advocate hospitals (ACMC, AIMMC, ALGH) are only available to students from LCME and AOA accredited institutions.
Updated: 10/9/15