PREREQUISITES AND PLACEMENT IN THE CURRICULUM: Completion of the Pediatrics Clerkship.

PURPOSE: The purpose of this elective is to develop and enhance the student’s understanding and skills in pathophysiology, physical diagnosis, and management of pediatric neurologic disease.

COMPETENCIES: By the end of the clinical experience, the student should be able to demonstrate a novice’s level of expertise in data-gathering (history and physical) for a pediatric neurology patient, interpretation of basic radiologic studies (MRI/CT of brain) and laboratory results, and the workup and management of patients with epilepsy, encephalopathy, infection, neuropathy, and other congenital and acquired neurologic diseases.

INSTRUCTIONAL FEATURES: Students will participate in pediatric neurology clinics, consults and rounds among the various pediatric units in the hospital (general ward, PICU, NICU). Teaching will be one-on-one with pediatric neurologists.

Pediatrics E&M Conference (E&M = evaluation and management): This is an educational enhancement specifically designed for the M4 student in Pediatrics – a case-based learning session designed to focus on issues that you likely will face as residents.  All students on pediatrics electives will gather at 8am every Thursday of their rotation in 1208 CSB (12th floor conference room).

ASSESSMENT: Feedback will be given verbally on a frequent basis and in writing in conjunction with the Dean’s Office generated elective evaluation form.


Important information for domestic and Canadian medical students: Completed applications with all required documents must be received 4 weeks prior to the start of the elective. Please plan accordingly to allow your school the necessary processing time for gathering the required documents.

To inquire about scheduling this elective, please contact Gauri Nagaraj, Student Programs Coordinator at

Program Number: ELEC 222
Location: UI Health
Program Director: Saba Ahmad MD
Coordinator: Gauri Nagaraj
Duration: 4 weeks
Lectures/Conferences/Faculty Contact: 20
Night Call: No
Laboratory: No
Weekends: No
Outpatient: 10
Students accepted: Min/Max 1/1
Inpatient: 20
House staff used as Faculty: No
Total hours/week: 40

Reporting Instructions: information sent a week prior to start of elective

Gauri Nagaraj will contact you the week before your elective with reporting instructions.

Updated: 04/24/23