***This elective will not be available 11/01/21 – 01/15/22. The next available date is 01/17/22***

PREREQUISITES AND PLACEMENT IN THE CURRICULUM: Students must have completed their M3 Core Clerkships in Medicine and Surgery.

PURPOSE: This rotation is available to any medical student who would like increase their exposure to otolaryngology and develop the knowledge and skill level to do the initial evaluation of diseases related to the head and neck. This rotation will be exceptionally relevant to those interested in a career in otolaryngology. For those pursuing other excellent career paths, this rotation is an opportunity to work with experts in disease of the head and neck. These experts have unique training to integrate the scientific knowledge and clinical knowledge that applies to the region of the human body from the skull base to the thoracic inlet.


Focused history and physical related to disease of the head and neck
Binocular microscopy of the ear
Observe or participated in flexible fiberoptic laryngology
Observe or participate in a tracheostomy or laryngectomy tube change
Development of knowledge on the disease of the head and neck.

INSTRUCTIONAL FEATURES: Students will be provided their clinical schedule on a weekly basis. A student will be assigned to work with an attending and resident for half day blocks in clinic and full days in the operating room. Physical findings involving endoscopy or ear-endoscopy are displayed on screen whenever possible. Each student will be provided a set of PDF copies of chapters from a resident level textbook and a small handbook covering the most common complaints arising in otolaryngology. Formal academic teaching is provided by weekly conference and grand rounds. Students at the M4 level are expected to read independently as the field of otolaryngology is minimally taught on other rotations and in the preclinical years. Due to the size of our department, students should take the initiative to read for future surgical cases and clinic patients independently. Students have the option of giving a presentation on an Otolaryngology topic that the student should choose with faculty guidance. For those planning a career in otolaryngology, this presentation is recommended.

ASSESSMENT: Student performance is evaluated by house staff and attending faculty with exposure to the student using the standard College of Medicine Clerkship Evaluation form. Knowledge and skills are rated during patient care situations and throughout the course of students’ didactic discussions with various faculty members.


Program Number: ELEC 643
Location: UI Health
Program Director: Tatiana Dixon, MD
Email: [email protected]
Program Coordinator: Caroline Simpson
Email: [email protected]
Duration: 4 Weeks
Night Call: No
Weekends: No
Students Accepted: Min. 1 Max. 4 (depending upon how many students are accepted for the clerkship)
Housestaff Used as Faculty: Yes
Lectures/Conferences/Faculty Contact: 8
Laboratory/Independent Study: Students prepare a 15 minute presentation on an ENT topic of choice.
Outpatient: 16
Inpatient: 16
Total Hours /Week: 40

Updated: 1/31/2020