PREREQUISITES AND PLACEMENT IN THE CURRICULUM: Students must have completed all M3 Core Clerkships, and are in academic good standing.  Final approval is at the discretion of the course directors.

PURPOSE: The purpose of this elective is to provide M4s with the opportunity to teach, facilitate small group and provide written and oral feedback to M2s.  The M4s also serve as role models for the M2 students in their groups.  The experience allows students to receive individual mentoring from faculty and enhances their credentials for residency particularly if they plan to work at an academic medical center.


By the end of this elective, M4 students will have the ability to:

  • identify problems affecting the group dynamics and have methods for which to resolve them.
  • effectively facilitate/teach a small group.
  • address individual students problems in a confidential and constructive manner.
  • provide specific, constructive feedback on written assignments.
  • accurately evaluate students and provide meaningful input on areas for M2 students to focus on.


  • receive instruction on how to facilitate small group discussions, give feedback and evaluate students in training sessions specifically designed for this elective.
  • receive instruction on the use of educational tools/technology, e.g. prezi, simulators e.g. SAMII, ventrilophones.
  • work side by side with faculty.
  • Facilitate an inter-professional education session with Pharmacy students.
  • Receive feedback from faculty and M2 students on their teaching, facilitation and feedback skills.

Time Requirements

To receive 2 weeks of elective credit, M4 students must:

  • Attend development/training sessions
  • Attend at least 6 working group sessions (Tuesday afternoons from 1:30-3:50pm; some sessions end at 4:20pm)
  • Spend time preparing to lead the sessions, communicating with their students and completing a formative and summative evaluation for each student.
  • Provide feedback on assignments
  • Specific requirements are subject to change

You are not automatically excused from rotations for participation in DoCS.  Flexibility on days off varies with department/site and is at the discretion of the site director.  Be sure to request any days off for whatever reason well in advance, and be prepared to make up any time missed.

ASSESSMENT: The faculty tutor for the assigned color group will observe and give feedback to participating M4 students.


Program Number: ELEC 978
Location: UI Health
Program Directors: Asra Khan, MD/ Ani Gangopadhyaya  [email protected], [email protected]
Program Coordinator: Shila Dauner – [email protected]
Telephone:  312-996-7426
Duration:  2 weeks (Decompressed)
Night Call: No
Weekends: No
Students Accepted: 15
Housestaff Used as Faculty: No

KEYWORDS: Teaching/Learning; educational tools/skills; feedback; education
Updated: 8/21/19