PREREQUISITES AND PLACEMENT IN THE CURRICULUM:  This course is open to all fourth-year students who have successfully complete clerkships in Internal Medicine, General Surgery, Pediatrics, OB/GYN, and Psychiatry. Students will be required to fill out an application that will need to be turned in no later than 6 weeks prior to starting the rotation. They will also be required to notify our coordinator 4 weeks before the start of the elective to drop the rotation. Students need to contact the program coordinator one week before the start of the rotation to obtain orientation information. Orientation is mandatory and students will not be able to start the rotation prior to completing it.

PURPOSE: The goal of this elective shall be exposure and experience to all aspects of urban/suburban emergency care.


  • Develop skills in patient care by interpretation of laboratory tests, reading basic radiology studies, and collaborating with various specialties to develop appropriate plan of care.
  • Become familiar with basic EKG interpretation
  • Become familiar with basic Xray interpretation
  • ACLS/BLS/PALS protocols
  • Become familiar with acute care procedures such as basic wound care/sutures, I&D, orthopedic reductions, chest compressions, venipuncture, etc.
  • Understand the workflow of a busy urban emergency department

INSTRUCTIONAL FEATURES: Learning activities could include the following: Lectures, case reviews, conferences, ward-round, outpatient evaluation, term papers, library work, literature reviews, laboratory research, field activity, or group work. Learning activities include dedicated weekly protected conference time on Thursday mornings with a combination of small group sessions, didactics, simulation, hands on learning, and procedural skills sessions. Approximately 5-6
hours every Thursday of the rotation.

Assessment: Students will be evaluated with end of shift evaluation forms filled out by their attending on the shift, departmental input and  an NBME exam is given the afternoon of the final Friday of the rotation.

*UIC students can check availability of ELEC363 and request scheduling by emailing [email protected]


Program Number: ELEC 363
Location: LCOM
Program Directors: Abhi Vallabhaneni
Duration: 4 Weeks
Night Call: Special*
Weekends: Yes
Students Accepted: 3
Coordinator: Arely N. Ventura
Housestaff Used as Faculty: Yes
Lectures/Conferences/Faculty Contact: Varies
Laboratory/Independent Study: No
Outpatient: Varies
Inpatient: Varies
Total Hours /Week: 35-40

Reporting Instructions:

The program coordinator will email reporting instructions one week prior to start of the rotation.

Updated: 3/14/23