M1 & M2 Block Schedules

M1 Block Schedule

M2 Block Schedule

M1 Student Orientation Week – August 7-11, 2023
First Day of M1 Fall Term: Monday, August 14, 2023
Click here then “Registration Dates” for a complete list of COM key dates (AY 2024-25 key dates TBA)

First Day of M2 Fall Term: Monday, August 21, 2023 (one week later than M1 first day of Fall term.)
Click here then “Registration Dates” for a complete list of COM key dates (AY 2024-25 key dates TBA)

CMSC Student Events Calendar
Events hosted by the Chicago Medical Student Council (CMSC), Student Curricular Board (SCB), and other student organization events. Editing access for student groups can be requested on this form.

Changes can occur throughout the academic year due to faculty emergencies, lecture hall issues, etc. For this reason, students should NOT download or print out a copy of the schedule in advance.  Only the M1 and M2 Block Calendars (linked above) can be considered authoritative at this time.

How to subscribe

We have had reports of events not showing up sometimes for some people using the subscribed calendars.

Use this method of subscription at your own risk!

Add this to your other Google calendars by clicking the Google Calendar icon at the bottom right of the screen when you are viewing the calendar (it may be easiest to do this on a computer, unless you have tiny fingers). If you are not logged into a Google account you will be prompted to do so. It will be added to your Google Calendar automatically for the account you are logged into, and you can see it in the list of calendars on the left side of the screen under Other Calendars. If you do not have a Google account, UIC provides one for you – read more on http://accc.uic.edu/service/googleapps NOTE – Per Google’s documentation – it might take up to 12 hours for this calendar to appear in your Google calendar.

If it is not showing, you may need to check this calendar is selected/checked in your sync calendar settings – see https://calendar.google.com/calendar/syncselect

On your Android device, you must make sure that “Sync Calendars” is selected in your Settings on your device.

iPhone and Mac – Make sure your Google account is added to your computer or phone, and that Calendars is checked. This is under System Preferences, Internet Accounts on a Mac, and in Settings, Accounts & Passwords on an iPhone. You may have more than one Google account if you have a personal one and your UIC one. As long as you have Calendars checked on that account this calendar should also show up in your calendar. Mine took a restart, and then a little bit of time to load.

Once subscribed do not change or remove any of the individual events from your calendar, they will just show up. If you do delete an event from your calendar, and you have “notification” on it sends an email to the calendar owner. And to boot, the event comes back anyway, next time the calendar updates.

Your subscribed calendar will show any changes to the block calendar made by Curricular Affairs. BUT. This may take as many as 24 hours to show changes once they are put in as Google says they only update subscriptions once a day.

We are in Central time. If your calendar or mobile device is set to some other time, all the appointments will be wrong 🙂

Once you have added the subscription, it may take up to 12 hours to populate the calendar, be patient.

If you don’t remove your subscription at the end of the M2 year, in Fall the next year you’ll see the courses in your calendar again.

How to remove the calendar:
open Google Calendar on your computer
in the top right click Settings (the gear icon)
At the top of the page click the Calendars tab
Find the calendar you no longer want and click the Unsubscribe link on the right

Remember, if you delete or change these events in your local calendar, and it sends an email, the person getting that email may be cranky 😉

If you have questions or problems, contact Informational Resources

updated August 1, 2023