Office of Curricular Affairs

Through innovation, inspiration, enthusiasm, and collaboration, the Office of Curricular Affairs vision is to graduate competent, caring, patient-centered physicians by providing a diverse, high quality educational experience.

How Can We Help You?

Blackboard Course Design & Support: Max Anderson, PhD

Block Schedules: Matthew Orlando

Student Study & Student Organization Room Reservations:

College Committees Administrative Support: Sierra Rusiecki

Curricular Affairs/Curricular Affairs Web Site: Matthew Orlando, Kathleen Helling

Transition to Clerkships Course:  Larry Moran, EdDKati Helling

Transition to Residency Course:  Larry Moran, EdD

Faculty Development & Technology Training: Max Anderson, PhD

Faculty Observation & Feedback: Max Anderson, PhD

Graduation Competency Examination (GCE) Scheduling: Kati Helling

General Curricular Issues & Concerns: Matthew Orlando

Instructional Design: Max Anderson, PhD

James Scholar Program for Independent Study:  Larry Moran, EdD,

Phase 1 Coordinators

Block 1: Chad McCoy

Block 2: Kim Densmore

Block 3: Kim Densmore

Block 4: Scott Franken

Block 5: Kim Densmore

Block 6:​ Scott Franken

Block 7: Scott Franken

Block 8 (Synthesis & Synthesis Capstone): Chad McCoy

Student Curricular Board (SCB): Chad McCoy

Medical Colloquia: Kim Densmore

Doctoring & Clinical Skills Student Services: , Maria Balcazar

Doctoring & Clinical Skills 1 (DoCS1) Course Content & Logistics: Shila Dauner, MPA,

Doctoring & Clinical Skills 2 (DoCS2) Course Content & Logistics: Shila Dauner, MPA,

Phase 1 Chicago Faculty Committee Content: Matthew Orlando

M3/M4 Curriculum and Clerkship/Elective Director Committees Content: Kati Helling

M4 Teaching Electives in DoCS: Shila Dauner, MPA

Mentors Program Staff Coordinator: Scott Franken

​​On-line Clinical Experiences Catalog (Clerkships & Electives): Kati Helling

​​Student Curricular Board (SCB) Staff Coordinator: Chad McCoy

Student Records: Dorian Thomas, MEd, MM

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