Student Testimonials 

“The friends and mentors from UMed have influenced and supported me so much. In the midst of learning the minutiae of medicine, UMed reminded me of why I pursued this demanding profession. I learned about the incredible need in our community, opportunities for advocacy, and the real-life heroes making change every day. As I continue my training, the lessons & support of the UMed community will affect me daily.” – Pyone David, Class of 2019

“I couldn’t have imagined my medical school experience without UMed. I have been fortunate to have met some of the most brilliant minds who are not only passionate about the underserved, but want to make a positive change towards eradicating disparities that occur in our communities. Through UMed I was able to connect with the Sickle Cell Center and work with wonderful advocates for Sickle Cell including social workers, physicians, and parents. It was such an honor to interact with our pediatric patients and see firsthand the experiences that they have to deal with on a daily basis. On top of all of this, I made my best friends here.” – Amanda Bailey, Class of 2019

“I absolutely love the ability to work on a longitudinal project that involves aspects of direct volunteering, policy, advocacy and public health curriculum. UMed is one of the most enriching parts of my med school experience. Also, being in a cohort of diverse, passionate, like-minded individuals provides wonderful, well-rounded social support given the rigors of the regular medical school curriculum.” -Anonymous, Class of 2022