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Research Facilities:


The research facilities and resources at the University of Illinois College of Medicine (UI COM) are those of any first-rate, research-oriented institution. There are over 100 GEMS research programs housed in the major research buildings of UIC’s West-Side campus. The Molecular Biology Research Building (MBR), opened in 1995, is a 230,000 square feet state-of-the-art research facility. The building houses 56 Principal Investigators and 108 laboratories. Researchers from both Basic Science and Clinical Science departments conduct individual and collaborative research at the MBR. A new 300,000 square feet, $140 million dollar College of Medicine Research Building will be constructed and opened by the year 2004. This research building will be one of the most modern, architecturally innovative facilities in the country with laboratory space for over 100 Principal Investigators.

Many larger facilities and specialized items are shared within the program, fostering the interactive and communal research environment. The University Research Resources Center includes a computer facility with a Silicon Graphics molecular structure computer workstation, instrumentation for fluorescence-activated cell sorting and analysis, and facilities for the synthesis and analysis of DNA, proteins and peptides. A central imaging center is equipped with up to date transmission, scanning, and molecular force electron microscope laboratories, and two confocal microscopes. There are also central laboratories for small molecule and protein structural analysis by nuclear magnetic resonance, X-ray diffraction, and mass spectroscopy. Proteomics facilities include laboratories with 2-D HPLC and 2-D gel electrophoresis systems for high-throughput isolation of proteins, and MALDI-TOF and Q-TOF mass spectroscopy for their identification. A modern biological resources laboratory houses and cares for animals used in research.