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The study of the biology, transmission, pathogenesis and treatment of viruses, bacteria, and other microorganisms important for human disease, together with the host response to microbial infection.

NameDepartmentResearch Topics
Judith BehnsenMicrobiology and ImmunologyWe study the role of the bacterial and fungal microbiota during Salmonella pathogenesis using in vitro and in vivo systems (germ-free mice).
Michael FederleMicrobiology and ImmunologyMicrobial Signal Transduction and Cell-Cell Communication
Nancy FreitagMicrobiology and ImmunologyInterests in host-pathogen interactions, mechanisms used by microbes to cause disease, and how common drugs suppress immunity to infection.
Donna MacDuffMicrobiology and ImmunologyOur research focuses on how the sensing of pathogenic and commensal microbes regulates inflammation and innate immunity.
Jalees RehmanCellular and Molecular Pharmacology
Lijun RongMicrobiology and Immunology
Jun SunMedicineMicrobiome in health and disease