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Metabolism and Metabolic Disorders

Combines examination at cellular and organismal levels of the process by which energy is provided, stored, and utilized for vital processes and activities. Research encompasses many aspects of molecular, biochemical, genetic, and physiological effects of metabolic processes especially in diseases that critically involve metabolism, including cancer, diabetes, hypertension, obesity, and liver diseases.

NameDepartmentResearch Topics
Sumit BhattacharyyaGeneral Internal MedicineWnt/β-catenin pathway in Prostate and Colon cancer. Cellular signaling of GI inflammation, insulin resistance, sulfatases on metabolism.
Antonio GangemiSurgeryRecent literature suggests a role of surgery in treating the metabolic complications of obesity first and outmost diabetes type 2.
Maria Irene GivogriAnatomy and Cell Biology
Frank GonzalezObstetrics and GynecologyMetabolic Inflammation, Insulin Resistance, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome
Nissim HayBiochemistry and Molecular Genetics
Chong Wee LiewPhysiology and Biophysics
Natalia NietoPathologyLiver fibrosis, hepatocellular carcinoma, alcoholic liver disease, non-alcoholic steatohepatitis
J. Michael O’DonnellPhysiology and BiophysicsCardiac function and metabolism in heart disease
Bellur S. PrabhakarMicrobiology and Immunology
Rhonda KinemanMedicine, EndocrinologyFocus on understanding how growth hormone, signaling through Stat5b, interacts with insulin to control hepatic metabolism
P.V.SubbaiahMedicineDietary DHA and treatment of neurological disorders; lipid metabolism; diabetes; membrane biochemistry
Terry UntermanMedicine, Physiology and BiophysicsIntegrative metabolism, Diabetes, Gene Expression, FoxO proteins, systems biology
Shaolin YangPsychiatry, Radiology, and BioengineeringDevelop and apply imaging methods (MRS, MT, fMRI, DTI) to study neurological & psychiatric disorders, type 2 diabetes, substance abuse, HIV