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The study of the normal immune system and immunological dysregulation that results in autoimmune diseases such as Type-1 diabetes, systemic lupus erythematosus, rheumatoid arthritis, etc and identify means to correct them. Studies involve basic and applied immunology raging from antigen presentation by dendritic cells, T and B cell repertoire selection and differentiation, and the role of chemokines and cytokines.

NameDepartmentResearch Topics
Steven J. AckermanBiochemistry and Molecular GeneticsEosinophil effector functions in inflammation and tissue remodeling in asthma and allergy, regulation of eosinophil development
Amelia BartholomewSurgeryStem cell induction of immunologic tolerance; stem cell based wound and organ regeneration; laser based tissue regeneration
Judith BehnsenMicrobiology and ImmunologyWe study the role of the bacterial and fungal microbiota during Salmonella pathogenesis using in vitro and in vivo systems (germ-free mice).
Marlene BouvierMicrobiology and ImmunologyOur research activities are focused on the cell biology, immunology, and structural biology of class I MHC molecules
Michael CarrithersNeurologyNeuroimmunology, multiple sclerosis, innate immunity
Lawrence ChanMicrobiology and ImmunologyAllergic immune reaction of skin
Jaehyung (Gus) ChoCellular and Molecular PharmacologyMy lab studies the molecular mechanisms of cell-cell interactions in thrombosis and vascular inflammation.
Luisa DiPietroPeriodonticsOur lab studies how wounds heal, with the goal of developing therapies that will allow humans to regenerate perfect tissue after injury.
Xiaoping DuCellular and Molecular PharmacologyMolecular mechanisms of cell adhesion, migration, signaling; platelets, thrombosis, inflammation; develop new drugs
Michael FederleMicrobiology and ImmunologyMicrobial Signal Transduction and Cell-Cell Communication
Nancy FreitagMicrobiology and ImmunologyInterests in host-pathogen interactions, mechanisms used by microbes to cause disease, and how common drugs suppress immunity to infection.
Bernie FriedensonBiochemistry and Molecular GeneticsInfections contribute to cancer
Frank GonzalezObstetrics and GynecologyMetabolic Inflammation, Insulin Resistance, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome
Bin HeMicrobiology and Immunology
Andre Kajdacsy-BallaPathologyEnvironmental cadmium effect on prostate cancer progression and on early atherosclerosis.
Jerrold LevineMedicine/NephrologyAutoimmunity, Antiphospholipid syndrome, lupus, acute kidney injury, apoptosis, cell death and homeostasis
Donna MacDuffMicrobiology and ImmunologyOur research focuses on how the sensing of pathogenic and commensal microbes regulates inflammation and innate immunity.
Asrar B. MalikCellular and Molecular PharmacologyI study mechanisms of inflammation that underlie cardiovascular diseases . I challenge my trainees is to ask transformational questions.
David PerkinsMedicine & BioengineeringMetagenome, Systems Biologoy, Transplantation, Virome
Bellur S. PrabhakarMicrobiology and Immunology
Lijun RongMicrobiology and Immunology
Susan R. RossMicrobiology and Immunologyretrovirus, arenavirus, restriction factor, genetics of susceptibility to infection, innate immunity
Deepak ShuklaOphthalmology and Visual Sciencesherpesvirus infection: mechanism, immunity, & antivirals