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Genetics and Gene Regulation

The study of heredity of traits via the passage of DNA sequences and DNA-sequence independent (i.e. epigenetic) mechanisms. Fields of study range from populations of organisms – to individual organisms – to cells within organisms, and examine various effects on normal biology and disease states.

NameDepartmentResearch Topics
Charles K. AbramsNeurology and RehabilitationThe role of connexins in normal glial cells and in human diseases including Multiple sclerosis, inherited neuropathy and leukodystrophy.
Solomon AfelikSurgeryWe study signaling pathway mediated control of pancreas development and regeneration, with emphasis on pancreatic beta-cell regeneration.
Dawood DarbarMedicineArrhythmias; genetics; pharmacogenomics; iPSCs; atrial fibrillation
Michael FederleMicrobiology and ImmunologyMicrobial Signal Transduction and Cell-Cell Communication
Nancy FreitagMicrobiology and ImmunologyInterests in host-pathogen interactions, mechanisms used by microbes to cause disease, and how common drugs suppress immunity to infection.
Maxim FrolovBiochemistry and Molecular Genetics
Dennis R. GraysonPsychiatryThe epigenetics of chronic alcohol use, DNA methylation/demethylation mechanisms in the brain
Paul GrippoMedicineContribution of fat, inflammation, and immune responses on pancreatic cancer
Nissim HayBiochemistry and Molecular Genetics
Barbara JungMedicineMechanism of activin signaling and therapeutic implications in colon cancer and other GI diseases
Amy LasekPsychiatryMolecular and cellular mechanisms contributing to addiction
Alan McLachlanMicrobiology and ImmunologyHepatitis B virus (HBV), gene regulation, hepatocellular carcinoma, mouse development, DNA methylation
Brad MerrillBiochemistry and Molecular GeneticsCRISPR-Cas9 genome editing, Wnt Signaling, Stem Cell Biology, and Synthetic Biology
Toru M. NakamuraBiochemistry and Molecular GeneticsRegulation of telomere maintenance mechanism
De-Ann M. PillersPediatricsSensory neurobiology, muscular dystrophy, causes/consequences premature birth, developmental origins disease, molecular evolution, genetics
Jalees RehmanCellular and Molecular Pharmacology
Susan R. RossMicrobiology and ImmunologyRetrovirus, arenavirus, restriction factor, genetics of susceptibility to infection, innate immunity
Dan ShayePhysiology and BiophysicsTubulogenesis, C. elegans, Angiogenesis, Vascular Development and Disease, Kidney Development and Disease
Owen TamplinCellular and Molecular Pharmacology
Terry UntermanMedicine, Physiology and BiophysicsIntegrative metabolism, Diabetes, Gene Expression, FoxO proteins, systems biology
Akira YoshiiAnatomy and Cell Biology