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Cell and Developmental Biology

The study of biological process by which organisms grow and develop. This field of science brings together a diverse group of disciplines and technologies aimed to understand the behavior of cells and of how these cells interact to assemble tissues, organs, and a whole organism.

NameDepartmentResearch Topics
Solomon AfelikSurgeryWe study signaling pathway mediated control of pancreas development and regeneration, with emphasis on pancreatic beta-cell regeneration.
Sumit BhattacharyyaGeneral Internal MedicineWnt/β-catenin pathway in Prostate and Colon cancer. Cellular signaling of GI inflammation, insulin resistance, sulfatases on metabolism.
Ernesto R. BongarzoneAnatomy and Cell BiologyWhite matter disease, Parkinson’s, Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy, Proteopathy
Scott BradyAnatomy and Cell BiologyAxonal transport, Neuronal Cytoskeleton, Neurodegeneration
Jaehyung (Gus) ChoCellular and Molecular PharmacologyMy lab studies the molecular mechanisms of cell-cell interactions in thrombosis and vascular inflammation.
Karen ColleyBiochemistry and Molecular GeneticsControl and organization of protein glycosylation and the role of glycans in protein function.
Xiaoping DuCellular and Molecular PharmacologyMolecular mechanisms of cell adhesion, migration, signaling; platelets, thrombosis, inflammation; develop new drugs
Anne GeorgeOral Biology, College of DentistryExtracellular matrix proteins and the biology of the calcification process.
Nissim HayBiochemistry and Molecular Genetics
Christopher JansonNeurologyBrain Barriers, Alzheimer’s Disease
Andrei KarginovCellular and Molecular PharmacologyDevelopment of synthetic biology approaches for dissection of processes regulating cell migration and cell-cell interactions.
Jan KitajewskiPhysiology and BiophysicsVascular Biology, Angiogenesis, Tumor Microenvironment,
Amy LasekPsychiatryMolecular and cellular mechanisms contributing to addiction
Lester LauBiochemistry and Molecular GeneticsTissue regeneration, injury repair, and wound healing
Jerrold LevineMedicine/NephrologyAutoimmunity, Antiphospholipid syndrome, lupus, acute kidney injury, apoptosis, cell death and homeostasis
Yuru LiuCellular and Molecular PharmacologyWe use genetic models to study the mechanisms in the transition of type II cells to type I cells required for recovery from lung injury.
Asrar B. MalikCellular and Molecular PharmacologyI study mechanisms of inflammation that underlie cardiovascular diseases . I challenge my trainees is to ask transformational questions.
Brad MerrillBiochemistry and Molecular GeneticsCRISPR-Cas9 genome editing, Wnt Signaling, Stem Cell Biology, and Synthetic Biology
Richard D. MinshallCellular and Molecular PharmacologyCaveolae, transcytosis, vascular inflammation and thrombosis, vascular remodeling, pathological angiogenesis, diabetic wound healing
Gerardo MorfiniAnatomy and Cell BiologyKinase-based intracellular signaling relevant to axonal function in health and disease.
Larisa NonnPathologyProstate cancer, vitamin D, microRNA, health disparities
Kostandin PajciniCellular and Molecular PharmacologyWe work on Notch signaling in hematopoietic development and disorders and we study how blood stem cells are formed in the fetal environment.
De-Ann M. Pillers MDPhDPediatricsSensory neurobiology, muscular dystrophy, causes/consequences premature birth, developmental origins disease, molecular evolution, genetics
Mark RasenickPhysiology and BiophysicsG protein signaling, the cytoskeleton and lipid rafts: Neurobiology of Depression and antidepressants.
Adrienne A. Rogalski Wilk-McInerneyAnatomy and Cell BiologyLatent HIV cell-specific biomarkers and pathways; Cell biology of gp105, surface marker of polarized, caveolin-enriched cell surface domains
Dan ShayePhysiology and BiophysicsTubulogenesis, C. elegans, Angiogenesis, Vascular Development and Disease, Kidney Development and Disease
Owen TamplinCellular and Molecular Pharmacology
Angela L. TynerBiochemistry and Molecular GeneticsEpithelial cell biology, tyrosine kinase signaling, colon, breast, prostate cancer
Kishore WaryCellular and Molecular PharmacologyMy laboratory investigates the underlying molecular mechanisms of cardiovascular development and disease
Akira YoshiiAnatomy and Cell Biology