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Cardiovascular Biology

Study of the organ system that uses the heart to pump blood throughout the body. Basic biological and translational research spans the spectrum of biophysical, molecular, cellular, whole animal, and human translational trials to elucidate normal cardiovascular physiology and define underlying pathophysiology of cardiovascular disease.

NameDepartmentResearch Topics
Jaehyung (Gus) ChoCellular and Molecular PharmacologyMy lab studies the molecular mechanisms of cell-cell interactions in thrombosis and vascular inflammation.
Henar CuervoPhysiology and Biophysics
Dawood DarbarMedicineArrhythmias; genetics; pharmacogenomics; iPSCs; atrial fibrillation
Xiaoping DuCellular and Molecular PharmacologyMolecular mechanisms of cell adhesion, migration, signaling; platelets, thrombosis, inflammation; develop new drugs
Afshin Farzaneh-FarMedicineNovel applications of Cardiovascular MRI
Andre Kajdacsy-BallaPathologyEnvironmental cadmium effect on prostate cancer progression and on early atherosclerosis.
Andrei KarginovCellular and Molecular PharmacologyDevelopment of synthetic biology approaches for dissection of processes regulating cell migration and cell-cell interactions.
Jan KitajewskiPhysiology and BiophysicsVascular Biology, Angiogenesis, Tumor Microenvironment,
Yulia KomarovaCellular and Molecular Pharmacology
Asrar B. MalikCellular and Molecular PharmacologyI study mechanisms of inflammation that underlie cardiovascular diseases . I challenge my trainees is to ask transformational questions.
Richard D. MinshallCellular and Molecular PharmacologyCaveolae, transcytosis, vascular inflammation and thrombosis, vascular remodeling, pathological angiogenesis, diabetic wound healing
Viswanathan NatarajanCellular and Molecular PharmacologyAreas of Interest: Endothelial Permeability; Bioactive Lipid Mediators in lung inflammation and injury; Mitochondria in lung cancer
J. Michael O’DonnellPhysiology and BiophysicsCardiac function and metabolism in heart disease
Brenda RussellPhysiology and BiophysicsHeart remodeling, stem cells, mechano-transduction, signaling pathways, cytoskeleton, imaging, cell/mol biology, proteomics, bioengineering
Dan ShayePhysiology and BiophysicsTubulogenesis, C. elegans, Angiogenesis, Vascular Development and Disease, Kidney Development and Disease