Dr. Toru M. Nakamura

Associate Professor

Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics

Ph.D., Univ. Colorado Boulder

Postdoc, The Scripps Res. Inst.


Office: 900 S. Ashland (M/C 669)
email: nakamut@uic.edu
Phone: (312) 996-1988

Rotation Projects

Regulation of telomere maintenance. Stable maintenance of telomeres is critical to preserve genomic integrity, and studies have found that defects in protein complexes that ensure telomere maintenance, could lead to various human diseases including cancer. The overall goal of our lab is to provide detailed knowledge of the mechanisms that allow stable maintenance of telomeres in fission yeast. Since proteins involved in telomere maintenance and DNA damage responses are very well conserved between fission yeast and humans, we expect our findings to help guide future studies of telomere regulation mechanisms in humans.

LARP7-like protein Pof8 regulates telomerase assembly and poly(A)+TERRA expression in fission yeast.

Tel1ATM and Rad3ATR kinases promote Ccq1-Est1 interaction to maintain telomeres in fission yeast .