Faculty Directory – Neurobiology

Faculty NameDepartmentResearch Topics
Charles AbramsNeurology and RehabilitationDiseases of myelin, Gap junctions in glia, Axon-Glia interactions
Olusola AjilorePsychiatry
Simon T. AlfordAnatomy and Cell Biology
Jon ArtAnatomy and Cell BiologyPhysiology & biophysics of hair cells and their synapses in the inner ear
Ernesto R. BongarzoneAnatomy and Cell BiologyWhite matter disease, Parkinson’s, Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy, Proteopathy
Scott T. BradyAnatomy and Cell BiologyAxonal transport, Neuronal Cytoskeleton, Neurodegeneration
Mark S. BrodiePhysiology and BiophysicsElectrophysiology of ventral tegmental area neurins in brain slices; actions of ethanol on the central nervous system
Michael CarrithersNeurology and Rehabilitation
Emma ChildsPsychiatry
Edwin CookPsychiatry
Erbo DongPsychiatry
Douglas FeinsteinAnesthesiologyMultiple Sclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease, alcohol abuse, Vitamin K, glia, myelin, oligodendrocytes, genetic risk factor SNPs, environmental toxins
David GavinPsychiatry
Maria Irene GivogriAnatomy and Cell BiologyGliogenesis, pathophysiology of white matter disease, Metachromatic Leukodystrophy,Multiple sclerosis and extracelluar vesicles
Swetha GowrishankarAnatomy & Cell BiologyDelineating the mechanisms underlying neuronal lysosome formation with a specific focus on neurodegenerative diseases
Dennis GraysonPsychiatry
Christopher JansonNeurology and Rehabilitation
Mary Jo LaDuAnatomy and Cell BiologyWe focus on the interactions of two proteins that are genetically linked to Alzheimer’s disease: amyloid-beta peptide and apolipoprotein E.
John LarsonPsychiatryLearning & Memory, Synaptic Plasticity, Autism
Amy LasekPsychiatryMolecular and cellular mechanisms underlying alcohol and drug addiction; hormonal factors and sex differences in addiction
Orly LazarovAnatomy and Cell BiologyMolecular and cellular processes underlying cognitive dysfunction in Alzheimer’s disease; hippocampal neurogenesis and plasticity.
Jeffery LoebNeurology and Rehabilitation
Sarah E. LutzAnatomy and Cell Biology
Anna LysakowskiAnatomy and Cell Biology
Jason McAnanyOphthalmology and Visual SciencesNon-invasive assessment of visual function and structure in patients who have acquired and inherited retinal degenerative diseases.
Gerardo MorfiniAnatomy and Cell BiologyKinase-based intracellular signaling relevant to axonal function in health and disease.
Subhash PandeyPsychiatry
Neil PliskinPsychiatry
Amynah PradhanPsychiatry
Mark M. RasenickPhysiology and BiophysicsG protein signaling, the cytoskeleton and lipid rafts: Neurobiology of Depression and antidepressants.
Liudmila RomanovNeurology and Rehabilitation
Mark RosenblattOphthalmology and Visual Sciences
Kamal SharmaAnatomy and Cell Biology
Rajiv SharmaPsychiatry
Konstantin SlavinNeurology and Rehabilitation
Neil SmalheiserPsychiatryInformatics, neuroscience, psychiatry, data science
Fei SongNeurology and Rehabilitation
Leon TaiAnatomy and Cell Biology
Fernando testaiNeurology and Rehabilitation
Kuei Y. TsengAnatomy and Cell Biology
Akira YoshiiAnatomy and Cell BiologySynaptic plasticity, critical period, cortical circuit, neurodevelopmental disorders, lysosomal storage diseases