Faculty Directory – Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine

Faculty Name Department Research Topics
Solomon Afelik Surgery We study pancreas development and regeneration. We are especially interested in signaling pathway mediated cell fate decisions in the pancreas.
Eben Alsberg Biomedical Engineering My lab focuses on engineering new technologies to understand cell behavior, regenerate tissues and treat diseases through development of novel biomaterials and microenvironments.
Konstantinos Chronis Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics Stem and iPSC Biology, Systems Biology, Epigenetics and Chromatin Structure, Regenerative medicine, Tissue engineering.
Dawood Darbar Cardiology
Xiaoping Du Cellular and Molecular Pharmacology Molecular mechanisms of cell adhesion, migration, signaling; platelets, thrombosis, inflammation; develop new drugs.
Steven Dudek Pulmonary, Critical Care, Sleep and Allergy Endothelial cell biology, cytoskeletal regulation of vascular leak, inflammatory lung syndromes
Maxim Frolov Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics Retinoblastoma and Hippo tumor suppressor pathways, Single cell genomics and Cell Atlas
Yuwei Jiang Physiology and Biophysics Adipose stem cell, vascular niche plasticity, and their impact on metabolic diseases such as obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer.
Andrei Karginov Pharmacology Protein engineering and synthetic biology, Cell-cell interactions and cell migration.
Andrius Kazlauskas Physiology and Biophysics; Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences My research program seeks to improve treatment options for patients afflicted by blinding eye diseases and is focused on signaling events that govern angiogenic homeostasis.
Kiwook Kim Pharmacology and Regenerative Medicine Our lab investigates development and physiological roles of monocyte and macrophages in steady state as well as pathological conditions
Yulia Komarova Cellular and Molecular Pharmacology
Shafi Kuchay Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics Regulation of protein degradation at cellular membranes via ubiquitylation
Lester Lau Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics Extracellular matrix signaling in wound healing, inflammation, and tissue regeneration.
Monica Lee Physiology and Biophysics Endothelial cell function, cardiovascular disease, atherosclerosis.
Irena Levitan Pulmonary, Critical Care, Sleep and Allergy
Yuru Liu Cellular and Molecular Pharmacology We study the mechanisms that controls alveolar type II cells to behave as stem cells during lung repair
Asrar B Malik Cellular and Molecular Pharmacology I study mechanisms of inflammation that underlie cardiovascular diseases. I challenge my trainees is to ask transformational questions.
Glenn Marsboom Pharmacology Pulmonary hypertension, pulmonary fibrosis, energy metabolism, vascular dysfunction, lung endothelium
Dolly Mehta Cellular and Molecular Pharmacology
Brad Merrill Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics CRISPR-Cas9 genome editing, Wnt Signaling, Stem Cell Biology, and Synthetic Biology
Richard Minshall Cellular and Molecular Pharmacology
Gary Mo Pharmacology Visualization of compartmentalized live cell signaling at super-resolution. Imaging of complex tissue biochemical interplay in living organisms.
Alexandra Naba Physiology and Biophysics My lab uses cutting-edge proteomics and bioinformatics to study the role of the extracellular matrix in development, health, and cancer.
Natalia Nieto Pathology Liver, fibrosis, alcoholic liver disease, cancer
Sang Ging Ong Cellular and Molecular Pharmacology
Kostandin Pajcini Cellular and Molecular Pharmacology We work on Notch signaling in hematopoietic development and disorders and we study how blood stem cells are formed in the fetal environment.
Ian Papautsky Bio-Engineering Advanced Design & Manufacturing of Integrated Microfluidics
Sandra Pinho Pharmacology and Regenerative Medicine Regulation of healthy hematopoietic and leukemic stem cells by the bone marrow microenvironment or niche. Aging of the bone marrow niche.
Carol Podlasek Urology
Sergey Popov Physiology and Biophysics
Gail S. Prins Pathology
Mark M. Rasenick Physiology and Biophysics G protein signaling, the cytoskeleton and lipid rafts: Neurobiology of Depression and antidepressants.
Jalees Rehman Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics Stem cell differentiation and tissue regeneration, Host defense/Inflammation and metabolism, Blood brain barrier in Alzheimer’s disease.
Adrienne Rogalski-Wilk Anatomy and Cell Biology Latent HIV cell-specific biomarkers and pathways; Cell biology of gp105, surface marker of polarized, caveolin-enriched cell surface domains
Nava Segev Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics Regulation of Intracellular Trafficking by Molecular Switches
Dan Shaye Physiology and Biophysics Tubulogenesis, C. elegans, Angiogenesis, Vascular Development and Disease, Kidney Development and Disease
Sojin Shikano Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics
Jae-Won Shin Cellular and Molecular Pharmacology Mechanobiology, Biomaterials, Biophysics, Stem Cells
Soroush Tahmasebi Cellular and Molecular Pharmacology
Pieter de Tombe Physiology and Biophysics
David Ucker Microbiology and Immunology
Xiaowei Wang Pharmacology and Regenerative Medicine, Bioengineering miRNAs are small noncoding RNAs that regulate thousands of genes. We combine computational and experimental methods for integrative analysis of miRNA functions
Kishore Wary Cellular and Molecular Pharmacology My laboratory investigates the underlying molecular mechanisms of cardiovascular development and disease
Kaori Yamada Pharmacology and Regenerative Medicine Studying the mechanisms of trafficking of signaling molecules in angiogenesis-related diseases such as cancer and blinding eye diseases