Examination Policies 

From the University of Illinois College of Medicine Student Academic Policies and Professional Standards, 2017-18


Attendance at College of Medicine examinations is required unless permission for an excused absence has been obtained in advance of the test administration from the designated administrative campus officer.


The College requires that students take all scheduled examinations, unless they have secured an excused absence in advance.


Excused Absence: An excused absence from a required College of Medicine examination will be granted only for serious personal illness, death in the immediate family, or other similar extenuating event. Students are expected to obtain prior permission for an absence from the appropriate administrative campus officer. The student must provide written documentation when attempting to secure this permission. Documentation from the student health service (or its equivalent as specified by the appropriate administrative campus officer) is required for all such illnesses.


If prior permission for the absence was not obtained or written documentation is not provided to the satisfaction of the appropriate campus administrative officer within seven calendar days of the date of the administration of the examination, the absence will be treated as an unexcused absence. A failing score (zero) will be assigned to the missed examination. Further, the missed examination will count as an attempt. The College will count unexcused absences in its determinations of permissible attempts at the exam. For example, if the student was absent without permission from the first administration of an examination, the missed examination will count as the student’s first attempt.

CHICAGO Request for Exam Absence:

If possible, students must notify the Office of Curricular Affairs of the circumstance prior to the examination, or as soon as feasible by emailing [email protected].  If email is unavailable, call the Office of Curricular Affairs at 312-996-9030 and you’ll be directed to the appropriate Coordinator.



Late Arrival to a Computer-based Exam Policy

Approved by CCIA on August 2, 2017

This policy applies to computer-administered exams and not to other exams, such as OSCEs.

A student who arrives late to an exam is eligible to sit for the exam if they arrive within 20 minutes from the exam start time.

Example: An exam is scheduled to start at 8:00am. A student may arrive to the check-in table as late as 8:20am and still be allowed to sit for the exam.

A student who arrives after the 20 minute grace period will be directed to the Course Coordinator.  If a student is not given an excused absence, he/she will receive a score of zero for the exam.