Audience Response System Statement of Use


When attending course sessions, students are expected to be in possession of a phone or wireless-enabled device for using the Poll Everywhere audience response system in order to accommodate both impromptu formative and mandatory summative exercises.  For M1s and M2s, we use Poll Everywhere. Tracking attendance at other than mandatory sessions is not a byproduct of either use.  Each student must use only his/her personally registered Poll Everywhere account.  For example, a student must not utilize another student’s account or permit another student to utilize his/her account to:

  • Falsify attendance
  • Answer for another student’s TBL questions
  • Answer for another student’s quiz questions in class


Students engaged in this behavior will receive no points for the activity, may fail the course, or may be dismissed from the University subject to the codes detailed in the Statement on Professional Behavior and the Academic Integrity Policy.

Click here for statements, policies, and guidelines applicable to all College of Medicine students.  

Pending approval of the Chicago Curriculum Committee, August 2016.