RSS Activity Information

Has your RSS activity been approved? After your RSS series starts, please log into your eCME account to complete and submit the following reports:

Session Report
After a session in the series takes place, the Session Report pertaining to that session should be submitted. One session report should be submitted for each session that takes in the series.

Click here for the Session Report Checklist. Don’t forget to add the attachments! 

Frequently used forms for RSS Activities can be accessed via the links below.

For Session Reports

Session Report Checklist (for RSS activities)


For Post Activity Reports

Post Activity Report Checklist (for RSS activities)

Post Activity Report Table

Attendance List (template) Please use this format to submit your attendance list. Other formats for attendance lists will not be accepted.


For Renewals

Renewal Checklist (for RSS activities)  


Post Activity Report
Each quarter, a Post Activity Report should be submitted in eCME. The post activity report represents the past three months worth of activities.

Click here for the Quarterly Report Schedule & due dates.

Click here for the Post Activity Report Checklist. Don’t forget to add the attachments!