Dr. Randal Dull, MD PhD and Monty Mythen, MD, Professor of Anesthesia & Critical Care, National Clinical Adviser, Enhanced Recovery Partnership, United Kingdom were the headline speakers at the Peri-Operative Goal Directed Fluid Therapy (PGDT) for Enhanced Recovery Programs hosted by Edwards Life Sciences. The seminar was held at the Oak Brook Marriott and was attended by anesthesiologists, critical care specialists, emergency medicine physicians, CRNAs and ICU nurses from across the mid-west. Dr. Mythen leads the ERAS initiative for the NHS (UK) and presented a summary of the clinical benefits of PGDT on outcomes, LOS and cost reductions. Dr. Dull presented a detailed explanation on “The physiology of the fluid responsive state” and how to develop and implement physiologically-based GDFT programs. Tina Abdelnour, Senior Program Manager for Professional Education at Edwards said: “Every time I hear Dr. Dull speak, I am moved by his passion and expertise. His talk was the best I have heard on the “why” for GDT. I love hearing Dr. Dull articulate the concepts that he has studied for years in the laboratory and now, moving from bench to bedside, translating complex physiology into clinical application that is leading to quantifiable improvement in patient care.”  Dr. Dull is a paid speaker and consultant for Edwards Life Sciences