2021 Fellow of the Year – Dr. Christen Vagts — Pulmonary Medicine

The Fellow of the Year personifies the core values of UI Health: Compassion, Accountability, Respect, and Excellence. These physicians put their patients first in all encounters and consistently
contribute to the delivery of world class patient care.

Dr. Vagts is the ultimate example of what it means to live up to our clinical mission in everyday work. Dr. Vagts spent several weeks directly caring for our sickest COVID patients. During the most difficult and grueling clinical work, she served on the front line in an environment that posed significant risk to our providers. She cared for patients with this life-threatening illness — one we did not fully understand, had limited ability to treat, and at the time, very limited PPE — with leadership and excellence. She took on extra clinical obligations, and because of her leadership we were able to deliver the highest levels of patient care and provider safety.

Dr. Vagts is an exemplary fellow who has demonstrated a high degree of passion for her work, including a dedication to her dual roles as educator and clinician. She has the promise of a remarkable career going forward.