As mentioned in the December 2021 issue of Roundup, the monthly newsletter for UI Health, UI Health has been facing a great many changes and expansions as of late. With an ever-growing patient volume due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the opening of two new facilities on the horizon, and the impending retirement of several members of senior staff, the need for new leadership has been evident. As such, UI Health has appointed several staff members to new positions to aid with the creation and implementation of the clinical strategies that will help us meet these challenges.

As part of this series of changes, Dr. Charles Ray has been appointed as Associate Chief Executive Officer for Enterprise Alignment. In this new role, Dr. Ray will be a key leader responsible for ensuring the success of each new plan executed to address the expansion of UI Health, as well as the anticipated difficulties it will face in the ever-changing nature of the pandemic. He will also be the primary point of contact regarding financial agreements and other issues common to UIH, UI Physician Group, and the College of Medicine.

As expressed by Mr. Michael Zenn, CEO of UIH, Dr. Ray will be an asset to the new leadership team among UI Health, as he brings all requisite traits that will be necessary to excel in his new role: adaptability, innovation, communication, and experience. With Dr. Ray and several other highly qualified members of UI Health stepping up to provide direction through this period of transitions in the delivery of care, the department is sure to easily adapt and meet the growing demands it faces in these difficult times.