Current Trainees

Guangyu Dan , Ph.D. Candidate


Joined the Center in 2018, Guangyu is a doctoral student under Prof. Xiaohong Joe Zhou. His research is focusing on diffusion MRI pulse sequence development and signal modeling. He also works on machine learning based cancer detection and image reconstruction.


Albert Yin , Ph.D. Candidate

Albert is a first year student in the UIC Medical Scientist Training Program (MSTP) pursuing a dual MD-PhD degree. He studied math and computer science during undergrad at UIC, and he is interested in researching health informatics and big data in medicine. In his free time, Albert enjoys running and playing Go (Weiqi).


Former Students

Zheng Zhong, Ph.D.

Zheng received a Ph.D. degree in 2021, and currently is a PostDoc scholar at Stanford University. My current research focuses on developing novel MRI imaging techniques to accelerate its acquisition speed, including MR sequence pulse design, novel encoding strategy, and deep learning.


Yi Sui, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Mayo Clinic – Rochester