Scheduling Research Protocol

In order to facilitate the scheduling and processing of MR subjects, please follow the listed guidelines below.

  1. Investigators are responsible for all scan time booked.
  2. Scan Time cannot be registered within 24 hours.
  3. Scan Time cannot be changed or cancelled within 48 hours.
  4. The minimum scheduled scan time is 1 hour. If more than 1 hour of imaging is required for your research, you may add additional scan time in 30 minute increments.
  5. Scanner time on Saturdays and Sundays are to be scheduled through Hagai Ganin (312)-413-1152 ( ).
  6. For scans during extended hours (5-6 pm for 1-hour protocols or 5-6:30pm for 1.5-hour protocols), on Tuesdays and Thursdays please schedule through Mike Flannery (312)-996-1251 (
  7. All scheduled time must be registered with the Schedule System (Instructions)
Scanning Schedule
Schedule Instruction

If you have questions regarding scheduling please contact :
Mike Flannery
Phone: (312) 996-1251 (OCC)
Phone: (312) 413-0248 (Harrison)

All pertinent information should be available to the scheduling contacts. This should include:

  1. Project code number from the Center for MR Research.
  2. Investigators are responsible for screening their subjects prior to scheduling scan time.
  3. You have any safety questions or concerns please contact Mike Flannery or Hagai Ganin prior to your scheduled time.
  4. All persons undergoing an MR procedure will be screened by MR Center staff for contraindications prior to entering the 3T scan room.
  5. Appointments for non-English speaking persons may depend on the availability of translators. Upon completion of pre-screening, the subject will be scheduled