Civil Service Hospital in Kathmandu (Nepal). Through continuous collaboration with UIC since 2011, partly supported the Binaytara Foundation and capital investment of Nepalese Government a BMT Unit and Stem Cell Processing Lab opened in August 2016. The Nepal BMT Program has now completed over 50 transplants.

MS Ramaiah University in Bangalore (India). In collaboration with UIC since 2014, Ramaiah University opened a new BMT unit and implemented SOPs and clinical protocols for autologous and allogeneic BMT in 2015. The program is performing approximately 20 transplants per year.

University College Hospital in Ibadan and University of Lagos Teaching Hospital (Nigeria)This BMT project in Ibadan started with training of one physician and meeting with local leadership in 2015. A second physician was trained in 2019. The BMT project in Lagos was started in 2018 and two physicians will complete their training in 2019. BMT in Nigeria is a high priority due to the elevated number of inhabitants (over 200 millions), as well as the highest worldwide incidence of sickle cell anemia (over 5 million patients), whose only hope for a cure is a BMT. Anticipated start of BMT in 2020.

Hermanos Ameijeras Hospital in Havana (Cuba). In 2016 the Director of HAH BMT in Havana spent 2 months at UIC for training and upon his return he implemented BMT from incompatible donors in Cuba. UIC-HAH BMT conferences have been held annually since October 2017.

National Cancer Institute in Kyiv (Ukraine). Following two visits in 2016 and 2017, UIC signed an agreement with the National Cancer Institute in Kyiv to establish a first adult allogeneic BMT Program in Ukraine. The first physician was trained in 2018 and a second in 2019. Anticipated start of allogeneic BMT in Ukraine in 2020.

Universidad Mayor San Andres in La Paz (Bolivia) . An agreement was established to support the first BMT program in Boliva. One physisician was trained in 2018 and a CME conference was held in 2019 in La Paz. Exchange of material and additional onsite training will be provided to start BMT in 2019-2020.

University of Ioannina (Greece). An agreement was established in 2018 to support the development of BMT at UOI. One physician has been trained in Chicago in 2019 and exchange of guidelines as well as SOPs will help starting transplant within 2020