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Contact: Damiano Rondelli

Patients with severe blood cancers or non-malignant blood diseases can often be saved only with a bone marrow transplant (BMT). However, in low-middle income countries (LMICs) this procedure is rarely accessible either due to the lack of physician training, hospital infrastructures, drug availability or unaffordable cost.

In 2011, the UIC GlobalBMT initiative was launched to partner with hospitals treating patients with hematologic diseases in LMICs where BMT is highly needed and patients cannot afford to travel to other countries to receive treatment.

UIC Global BMT Program

Currently, the UIC Center for Global Health has collaborative agreements for developing BMT in Nepal, India, Cuba, Bolivia, Greece, Ukraine and Nigeria.  Another project in development is in Uganda.

Civil Service Hospital, Kathmandu, Nepal

MS Ramaiah University, Bangalore, India

University College Hospital, Ibidan, Nigeria

University of Lagos Teaching Hospital, Lagos, Nigeria

Hermanos Ameijeras Hospital, Havana, Cuba

National Cancer Institute, Kyiv Ukraine

Universidad Mayor San Adreas, La Paz, Bolivia

University of Ioannina, Ionnina, Greece

Stevan M. Weine
Mary Bunn

The Global Mental Health (GMH) Program is a program of research, training, capacity building and advocacy of the Center for Global Health at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) College of Medicine. It is comprised of faculty, staff, and students from diverse disciplinary backgrounds, from UIC and partner organizations. 


Restoring Social Bonds: Group-Based Treatment and the Social Resources of Syrian Refugees


Addressing Mental Illness and Physical Comorbidities in Migrants and Their Families


Addressing Mental Illness and Physical Comorbidities in Migrants and Their families

Scaling-up Stepped Care for Women’s Mental Health in Primary Care in an LMIC


Low Intensity Family Support for Syrian Refugees in an LMIC

Turkish Red Crescent Psychosocial Program Evaluation


Family and Community Support for Arabic-Speaking Refugees in Chicago

Contact: Maarten Bosland

The Global Pathology program is focused on capacity building activities through collaborating with local partners to create teaching and training opportunities. The program involves faculty from departments across the UIC College of Medicine including pathology, surgery, and dentistry.

Accra and Kumasi, Ghana

Capacity Building in Pathology

Capacity Building in Anatomy, Dentistry, Radiation Oncology, and Family Medicine

Contact: Thomas Sims

The Global Surgery Program at UIC collaborates with institutions and programs in several countries to pursue the goal of safe, effective, affordable surgical care accessible to all.  Students, residents, fellows, and faculty from multiple surgical departments, including Anesthesia and Obstetrics/Gynecology, assist through training, clinical care, research, and innovation to achieve that goal.


General and Pediatric Surgery Research, Training and Capacity Building (Mekelle)


Pediatric Surgery Capacity Building (Lviv)

Contact: Gelila Goba

The Global Women’s Health Program supports sustainable development of women’s health through clinical, educational, and research efforts and with initiatives in women’s reproductive and gynecologic health. Many of the program’s efforts focus on capacity building in order to improve both access to and quality of women’s healthcare in the regions where they work.


The Mela Project – Mek’ele, Ethiopia

Jimma University – Jimma, Ethiopia


The INCLEN Trust International (International Clinical Epidemiology Newtork) – New Delhi, Dehli


The Africa Center of Excellence in Materials, Product Development and Nanotechnology (MAPRONANO ACE) – Makerere University – Kampala, Uganda

Contact: Stacey Chamberlain

The Global Emergency Medicine program works in several regions of the world to improve both emergency care and disaster risk reduction capacity. UIC faculty collaborate with partners at local universities, healthcare facilities, and Ministries of Health to evaluate capacity, develop and deliver training opportunities, and create infrastructure to improve care.

Emergency Medicine

Global Emergency Care Training Program

Emergency Care Capacity Building in Kisumu, Kenya

HeartRescue India

Disaster Preparedness

Community Engagement in Disaster Risk Reduction and Social Entrepreneurship

A Community Engagement in Disaster Risk Reduction Model for the Caribbean

Contact: Andrew Dykens

The Global Cancer program seeks to improve access to quality primary health care services within existing local health care systems, including improving access to quality cervical cancer prevention services. Through collaboration with local partners, the program works to strengthen local health care workforce and service delivery systems.

Kedougou and Tambacounda, Senegal

Global Community Health Partnership