Otology Training in Ethiopia

Tele-mentoring in Ethiopia

Audiometry Training in Ethiopia

Visual Amharic Education for Deaf Students and Their Families

Cued Speech is a system for spoken language acquisition which was invented in 1967 by Dr. Orin Cornett at Gallaudet University. With Cued Speech, all the sounds of spoken English become 100% visible. This system was adapted by Mr. Thomas Shull to Amharic, the national language of Ethiopia. After 4 years of semiannual weeklong workshops, two institutions adopted multiple weekly classes. This is providing regular exposure of Deaf and hearing students who attend Deaf schools multiple classes per week to increase their Cueing and to elevate their grasp of Amharic. 

Training Sites:
Addis Ababa
Bahir Dar

Mr. Mikyas Bekele in the classroom

UIC Lead Faculty Contact: Miriam Redleaf

Ms. Netsanet Aragaw, coordinator
Mr. Mikiyas Bekele – Deaf educator, educational director – Mekaneesa school

Partnered institutions:
Mekaneesa School for the Deaf
Bahir Dar’s Kal Center for Deaf Empowerment

Project goal(s): Visual Amharic training in Ethiopia 

Disease or specialty area: Hearing loss

# of partner institutions trained: 2 institutions

# of practitioners trained: 4 teachers

Total # of persons trained: dozens of students attending Deaf schools.